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App description: - Winner of Excellence in Gameplay Award in IMGA SEA 2017 -

"My surprise of the week." - Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade

"...it definitely stands out in the puzzle genre." - AppAddict.net

Alien Path combines RPG, Puzzle, Path-Planning and Strategy for an out-of-this-world gaming experience. Players must eliminate enemies by cleverly navigating the aliens on a path to destroy the invading robots. Every move counts, so set a path and pave your way to rescuing your planet and eventually the galaxy.

Travel from planet to planet as you face of the invading Robots who are hell-bent on destroying all living civilization. Hatch new ascended Aliens, discover legendary powers and set your self on a path of robot destruction - all life in the universe is counting on you!

Unique Gameplay : A completely fresh, never before seen RPG Puzzle game
Hatch New Aliens : 16 different Aliens to hatch and upgrade, each with unique strengths
Power Cards : Collect over 100 Alien Power cards with thousands of skill combinations
Card Evolution : Break the upgrade limit and further strengthen your cards with runes!
Everchanging Levels : More than 300 levels with unique enemies, obstacles and power-ups to challenge your strategy!
Mind Blowing Strategy: Limitless battle tactics to employ with hundreds of passive and active skills
Character customization: Multiple ways to develop your Aliens and Power Cards
Guild System : Join a guild to earn exclusive Bolts to upgrade cards, share decks and compete in weekly world rankings!
Face fearsome Giant Boss Robots and against their numerous Robot Tech
A Whole New Dimension: Unlock Parallel Planets take your battles to the next level
Fresh Challenges: Participate in special daily events and unique planets with set rules and challenges
Friends Spirit : Lend a helping hand to friends with Spirit to explore the whole galaxy

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02-01-2017, 04:52 PM
Joined: May 2015
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So... ads?
02-03-2017, 04:06 PM
Joined: May 2015
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02-05-2017, 02:26 AM
Joined: May 2015
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Ok, there is a timer. But the game is really good.

Imho 4 stars. I'll keep it playing.

No ads.
05-24-2017, 11:39 PM
Joined: Dec 2011
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Update 1.4.0

Introducing update 1.4.0!

Your arrow turning, pod exploding and robot smashing Puzzle/RPG is getting a whole new multiplayer aspect added to it!

Update 1.4.0 features:
- Guild Customizations
- Guild Chat
- Guild Missions
- Guild Decks
- Weekly leaderboards
- New Item: Bolt

The Guild feature is unlocked when you reach level 10, so dive in and join your friends as you liberate the galaxy as a guild!

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