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Interest in Portal style puzzle platforming game? (Metamorphic)

01-29-2017, 03:10 PM
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Interest in Portal style puzzle platforming game? (Metamorphic)

Hello Touch Arcarders!

I recently finished developing this Steam game, Metamorphic and am considering porting it to the App Store. However, before doing so, I wanted though to see what interest there would be in such a game. Right now it seems the casual game genre is doing quite well on the App Store, but Metamorphic would be closer to the "hardcore" genre of iOS games. Even within this genre, Metamorphic is quite different from most - the controls are a fair bit more complex than your average fps.

That being said, Metamorphic offers an experience few games do on the App Store fully featured first person, 3d puzzle solving. In addition (but correct me if I'm wrong) the graphics are a quite a bit better than your average App Store fps.

Let me know what you think!


01-29-2017, 05:44 PM
Holy cow. 100% yes. 100% yes am I interested in this, 100% yes I know there would be a lot of people interested in this.
Seeing that trailer has made me more excited for an iOS game than I have been since - I'm not even sure. This looks absolutely fantastic, seems to have awesome mechanics and graphics, and I would be so stoked with an iOS release of what looks like it could become a classic.

Hardcore puzzlers have a market; Snakebird, for example, has done fairly well despite being exceedingly high difficulty. These graphics and physics are highly marketable.

Controls I can't speak for without seeing/trying them, but looking at a game which seems so high quality in almost every single aspect makes me think that the controls will be fine

In simple terms: 100% YES
01-29-2017, 07:04 PM
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^ You can definitely +1 me to the above 100% yes group...

And pleeeease be Premium. We need great looking games like this to kill off consumable currency fuelled freemium rubbish for good.
01-30-2017, 08:49 AM
It's like Tetris meets Portal. I'd pay good money for that.
01-30-2017, 12:55 PM
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Ok, awesome, I appreciate the feedback! Good to know that there is a decent market for this type of game; Snakebird certainly looks to have done quite alright. I'll certainly let you guys know if I plan to go forward with the port!
01-30-2017, 03:48 PM
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Now I'm think of all the crazy 2D portal game ideas