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?is Full Sail a good play to learning to develop??

02-01-2017, 06:02 PM
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?is Full Sail a good play to learning to develop??

I have been checking out full sails options in getting a degree in either game development, mobile game development or possiblely the mobile app development, just because it looks like a more versatile because every business needs a mobile app now a days. Did any of you guys take this route to learn??

Personally I've got a associates degree for ITE and a+,net+ but don't like the field much anymore. The full sail would let me take one class a month while I keep a job and it would severely cut into my gaming time, lol, but that's the price you gotta pay.

Anyhoo, thoughts , comments before I get in over my head with a student loan?
02-02-2017, 09:00 AM
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Not sure if it has changed, my daughter looked into going in 2008, and the way they had things set up, it was a 24-hour school, and you didn't get to set your schedule. The adviser basically said "Everyone gets the same crap schedule". So you could have a class running from 1am-5am. At that point you took 3 classes a month, and would tend to get different classes the next month. And they advised against working.

The facility had loads of neat stuff to look at, we didn't sit in on any classes though.

So from your description, I imagine a lot has changed.
02-14-2017, 09:46 AM
I live like 20 mins from the Full Sail campus. I went on a tour there...loved it. However, $60-80k for a year and 9 months of schooling may not be worth it. You can learn to code and make apps on your own. I get the benefit of a degree....but you have to remember this is a skill based field...meaning if you have better skills than i, yet i have a degree and you dont, you would probably get the job. Go solo....independent. Work for no one making apps/games, learn on your own. Youtube is your guide. Do unity engine or something and just learn the crap out of it via online. Bam...you will not only achieve this faster than Full Sail, but you skip all the BS. Im a hands on learner so full sail would help....but i think anyone can learn it on their own. No need for a school. ANd the degree will be useless if you go solo and make your own stuff. I also live right down the road from Electronic Arts head quarters.....way cool stuff.
02-14-2017, 10:10 AM
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Cannot comment on Full Sails, since I don't know them. So here's some general advise:
First ask yourself what you want to do to pay for your living: game designer, programmer for business apps, etc. Does it even have to be apps? Or is "normal" programming fine too? Or do something completely different, say bakery, and go app developing for fun / as a hobby.

Everything else derives from that:
Programmer? Do self-study, AND get a serious degree. Yes, that will take quite some time.
If you don't want to be a programmer, but e.g. a more general "game designer", go the self-study route. Degrees are good here as well, but more optional than when e.g. working as business programmer for anything bigger than a mom'n'pop shop.

Look around in your area what skills are in demand. If you are willing to move, even better: then you can go more by "what do I want to do?" and then check where those jobs are.

Keep in mind that especially game development - even at one of the bigshots - is AFAIK rather underpaid for the skillsets you need. It's almost guaranteed that you'll earn more as a non-game programmer.