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App description: Explore endless dungeons with your party, gather items and fight enemies!

An infinite number of Dungeons are waiting at the Sea Crypt! Pick a party member and fight your way through enemies in increasingly difficult levels. Explore the tunnels and loot items to equip your squad.

- 2 Character Classes: Archer and Warrior, with special abilities
- Procedurally generated fantasy dungeons and enemies
- 4 Item slots: Legs, Armor, Helmet and Weapon, all generated
- Elemental Weapons and Dungeons

Coming in the next update:
- Small Visual and UI improvements

Music by Incompetech

genkido's comments:
SeaCrypt is available now on iOS and Android. Find more about it here: http://regulusgames.com/app/sea-crypt/

As noted in the app description in all stores, the next version of SeaCrypt will implement elements on equipment, dungeons and enemies to spice up exploration. I will explain it in detail here.

Four elements are added into the game: Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. The fifth being Neutral, already implemented but with no effect whatsoever (since everything was Neutral). As you'll find in almost all games in which these are implemented, every element is weak against one, strong against another and indifferent towards the remaining one. Here is a handy reference chart (indifferent ones are opposites):

Element cycle

In game, this means when attacking a weaker element damage is doubled and when attacking a stronger one, it is halved. Attacking the same or opposite elements yields full damage. Neutral is a special case: when attacking elements, neutral deals 10% more damage. But when others attack Neutral, they deal 10% less damage. Neutral vs Neutral deals full damage. Here is a handy chart (detailing attack modifiers for Fire and Neutral):

How it affects equipment
Equipment may now have an element associated (if none is set, the default element is Neutral). When damage is dealt, it is spread proportionally to each equipment part based on the amount of health provided. Damage is then multiplied by the health provided by that item. Those which deduct health apply increased damage and base HP is always Neutral.

Here is a handy example:

Character: 20 HP
Damage: 5 HP FIRE

Base: 10 HP
Helm: 10 HP WATER
Boots: 5 HP WIND
Sword: -5 HP EARTH

Proportional Damage: 5 / 25 => 0.2 Dmg per HP
Base: 10 HP => 2 Damage
Helm: 10 HP WATER => 1 Damage (50% reduction)
Boots: 5 HP WIND => 2 Damage (100% amplification)
Sword: -5 HP EARTH => 1.5 Damage (50% amplification)

Total Damage: 6.5 HP (6 rounded).

How it affects dungeons
When generated, dungeons are assigned an element. Each floor in that dungeon will most likely be of that element variety. On Elemental ones, there is an 80% chance of the floor being themed on the dungeon property, 15% chance of it being neutral and 5% chance of it being the opposite element. On Neutral dungeons, there is an 80% chance of floors being Neutral, and 5% chance on each element.

When applied to floors, enemies spawned will be of that element (currently, enemies have elemental attack and full hp). There is also a small 10% chance of spawning Neutral enemies in elemental levels, and a 2% for each element to spawn themed enemies in Neutral dungeons. Chests will always be themed to the current level's element.

Look forward to the next update!

02-17-2017, 09:45 PM
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SeaCrypt 1.1 is now live

Today the latest version of SeaCrypt goes live. This update adds elemental weapons and dungeons as described in the previous post, Summoning the elements. In addition to this, difficulty has been decreased a bit by making finding allies, weapons, and enemies more common. A lot of bugs have been fixed as well.

Screenshots with the new features

In the next update I will be adding a couple of small visual improvements.

Get it now:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...gulus.seacrypt
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sea-crypt-infinite-procedural/id1197870783
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTDN2O9

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