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App description: -Action RPG with visceral, fast paced combat
-Form your guild of up to 10 heroes, with more to come
-Compete with other players for fame in the Monster Hunting League
-Endless content with new dungeons every day
-More than 425 different enemies to hunt and collect in the 'Monster Compendium'
-Tons of rare, epic and legendary loot
-Light Story that is ever evolving with new content added regularly
-4 levels of difficulty (Normal, Hard, Expert and Heroic) means you will NEVER run out of challenges

mnok's comments:
Hey everyone,

After about a year of working on this part-time, I am happy to announce the release of my game "Dungeonforce" for iOS (iphone/ipad/ipod). The game is basically my take on action rpgs such as diablo, but adapted for mobile/quick play.

Would love to hear some feedback from you guys. This is by no means a final version and I'm trying to improve the game as much as I can in future versions.

Trailer :
02-10-2017, 01:18 PM
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Is this multiplayer? It says "Compete vs other players in the Hunter's league" ???
02-10-2017, 05:34 PM
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Originally Posted by pavelm View Post
Is this multiplayer? It says "Compete vs other players in the Hunter's league" ???
Not really multiplayer in the sense of playing together, but there is interactions between players, and it's my intention to add more player interactions in the future as well.

The hunter's league is basically a ladder where you can compare your high score with other players. You can access the "Guild Screen" of each player from there, to see where they are in their progress (what hero's they have, what guild level they have, etc...). The High Score in Dungeonforce is basically the hardest enemy you have slain - based on the enemy's level, difficulty, rarity, and various other attributes.
02-12-2017, 05:12 PM
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I've been playing this weekend. Here's some feedback for you.

-My party is level 20 ish now and it seems there is no more story quests going on? I don't mind that the story is very light (in fact for mobile I always just skip through it) but would be cool if it continued.
-The game so far is waayyyyyy too easy, I'm just mowing through everything without too much effort.
-Climbing the league is also way too easy. After a couple of fights I was already in Master league?

All in all, I really like the game and I think it has potential. Hope you can make some updates and keep improving it!
Good luck!