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  • Publisher: Youzu Stars
  • Genre: Trivia
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 251.1 MB
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Price: $2.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: **1st Prize of Best Game Creative Award in the 7th China Game Developers Awards**
**Excellent Indie Game**

How many steps do I need to meet you and not to miss you?
Yesterday! is a 3D Puzzle Game about the philosophy of love and encounter.
Space is independent, time is irreversible. The encounter in life, however, is so amazing that it makes everything colorful.
Yesterday! is not about a story of one couple, it tells story of every couple.

The core gameplay of Yesterday! is based on magic cube. It tells a story of finding him from a girls perspective.
Players will play as the girl in game. They can move on connected cubes on a same plane, or rotate cubes based on where the girl stands. Objective is to approach the illusion of the girls beloved boy.
Players will receive an item with a piece of memory at the end of each level. All the items together tell a story, in which players may see themselves.

[Main Features]
* Seven chapters in total. Each of them is designed under a specific topic about love and follows a different play-style and art design based on that topic!
* Yesterday! integrates the difficulties of real-life relationship, such as the different modes of thinking and the struggle of long-distance lovers, into game. Different players may find different stories in game based on their own understanding!
* Easy to play! Click to move the lovers. Rotate to change the shape of magic cube or view. Everyone can enjoy it!
* Multiple fun! Players can both experience the moving story and enjoy puzzle solving!
* Great art design! Graphics based on plane 3D low poly design. Beautiful scenes!
* Pay once for all! Play as much as you want forever!

[Contact us]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YouzuStars
Twitter: @YouzuStars
Email: youzustarscs@icloud.com
Website: https://casual.gtarcade.com
We will take each single voice seriously! Thank you for your support!
02-10-2017, 01:23 AM
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Looks interesting, not showing up in the US Store
02-10-2017, 01:43 AM
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Originally Posted by sugimulm View Post
Looks interesting, not showing up in the US Store
Not in uk either
02-10-2017, 05:57 AM
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This would be an insta-buy for me too... If it would show up in the US App Store...

UPDATE: this has been released... yay! lol

Yesterday! by Youzu Stars

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04-07-2017, 08:11 PM
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Found this game by chance entirely when I was reading reviews of Euclidean Lands.

The game mechanic is similar to Euclidean Lands.

The puzzles I tried so far are quite clever. The main constraint is that you can only take control of the axes of rotation about your current cube is (unlike that of Euclidean Lands). This makes pathfinding a lot more difficult as you cannot "clear" the path ahead but instead must map out the rotations in your head and then execute them in sequence. There is a move counter, but there seems to a margin of error built-in. The lack of an undo button is a major annoyance.

PS: The English translation is subpar. I can imagine that the original Chinese prose is quite poetic, but the poetry is completely lost in the translation.

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