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Composer looking to build portfolio in game music

02-12-2017, 10:01 AM
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Location: Leeds, UK
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Composer looking to build portfolio in game music

Hi everyone!

I'm a composer based in the UK but more than happy to work internationally, I'm currently studying a Masters in Music For Moving Image and composing music for a small TV channel here in the UK called Kirklees TV, however I'm trying to build a portfolio of games I've composed for and for a module I'm studying currently I have 3 months to try and find a game to score, as this is for my Masters degree I'm more than happy to work for free or for small donations, I specialise in Orchestral compositions but I'm also a multi-instrumentalist and therefor capable of designing a score in almost any style needed, please get in touch if you currently have a game that needs scoring, I can confidently say that I'll be put all my skill and effort into helping bring it to life just how you want it,

you can here some of my music here - http://www.thomrobinscomposer.com/

I hope to hear back from you!
Thank you,
Thom Robins
02-12-2017, 01:34 PM
Nullzone sent me the link to your post. Great work - keep this up and you will be overwhelmed with requests soon Remember to value your work and don't sell yourself short. People need beautiful music, and not everyone can create it - especially orchestral.

I think my favorite is Adventure Awaits (it feels grand) and Paddy the Baddy (so wistful)

Your promo video is very professional. I'm amazed at how well some young people market yourselves today.

I'll be looking for new music for a new game soon, and I bookmarked your page and will let anyone else who is looking for a composer know about your work.