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The Alchemist - Potion Making Tycoon Game

02-13-2017, 02:06 PM
The Alchemist - Potion Making Tycoon Game

So In between making "real" apps to support myself I've been working on a new title called "The Alchemist" (somewhat a working title).

Anyways the game is basically a tycoon type game where instead of selling lemonade or whatever you are the potion brewer for the town. This is somewhat a spinoff of my other Adventure To Fate games and is set in the same universe.

The project is still in pretty early stages but I have the concept mapped out and the general framework of the game completed (it uses quite a bit of the ATF codebase).

Anyways I wanted to start up a little development blog since the project seems far enough at this point and how much I value getting input from the users here since it really helps shape my games.

Here is the initial gist of the game:

You will be taking over the family business as potion brewer/shop keeper for a small town. While you wont be the hero your job is an important one! Instead of being the hero you will be providing potions for the heros that visit your town.

Your responsibilities will be great:
You will be doing things like gathering (to get the materials to brew with).
You will be brewing (making potions for your shop).
You will be selling (deciding which potions to sell in your shop).
You will be researching (things like reading the paper, visiting the tavern, going to fortune tellers?) (research will tell you what potions might be in demand and whatnot).
Buying/Selling materials to optimize profits.

Anyways this is just a little gist of how the game will work lots of other cool things to come.

Here is a little screenshot to give you an idea of the game setup. (note i have hardly worked on design at all so things could look completely different).
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02-13-2017, 02:42 PM
Interesting 👍
02-19-2017, 04:17 PM
Hey guys sorry about the slight delay this is meant to be a daily dev log but I spent the last few days rewriting some of the inventory framework so there wasn't much interesting to share.

Anyways along with the rewrite I've been working on game flow and I think I've landed on how the game will go.

First off you'll start by gathering. You'll have multiple choices on where to gather potion materials each day and as you level and move on to different locations your gathering choices will expand.

Gathering will be the prime way you collect materials to brew and then create potions with.

An example of a gathering location might be the enchanted forest.

As you gather and find materials the list of discoverable materials in that location will fill it self out. You'll have common rare and ultra rare type materials that you can find.

Another thing about gathering locations will be risk. Some are not safe meaning you could be robbed and lose gold but those type of areas might have the best and most abundant materials.

Hopefully this gives some insight on how I'll be designing this aspect of the game.

No screens atm of this but will post them soon.
02-20-2017, 01:58 PM
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