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Attack Your Friends! Turn Based RISK style Multiplayer

02-15-2017, 11:47 AM
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Attack Your Friends! Turn Based RISK style Multiplayer

Hello All,

We will soon release Attack Your Friends! on iOS & Android.

It's a fresh take on the RISK board game concept where the objective is conquer every country in the world map. The idea has been to re-create a board game multiplayer experience for mobile asynchronous game play. Anyone who has played RISK as a board game know how intense the atmosphere can be when struggling to get control of the world map.

The game uses push messages to send turns and allows You to play at your own pace. Attack Your Friends! is multiplayer only and is designed completely around the asynchronous gameplay. The games also uses cards, dices and other traditional board game items. In addition to the traditional RISK concept, the game allows players to win Defense Cards that adds a tactical dimension to the game play.

Key Features:
* Familiar multiplayer strategy board game concept. (2-3 players)
* Play with friends and random opponents at your own pace.
* Turn based game play
* Push notifications inform you when it's your turn.
* Collect Troop & Defense Cards to increase troops and gain an edge.
* Play as Tropical, Dessert & Arctic climate.
* Game Statistics keep track of your results versus the other players.
* Leader board with top scores.
* Chat and form alliances with your opponents.
* Access your games anywhere with your mobile devices
* iOS & Android
* Phones & Tablets

We will keep You updated!


02-16-2017, 08:55 AM
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Looks promising!