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[FREE] Dealer's Life

02-16-2017, 11:12 AM
Joined: Feb 2017
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[FREE] Dealer's Life

Hi there! Weíre a small Indie team and we just released our first game!

Dealerís Life is a game about buying&selling infinte items to infinite customers. You will need to estimate every piece, negotiate every price and know how the customer would behave to your offers... Letís be honest, some luck would be appreciated too if you want to become the market king!

Main features:

- Countless procedurally generated items to buy and sell
- Countless procedurally generated customers to deal with, each with his own personality and appearance
- The most advanced negotiation engine youíve ever seen
- Counterfeits to discover (and exploit...)
- Manage your shop and employees
- Buy, repair, estimate, counterfeit (available soon) and resell for huge gain!
- Random events and recurrent characters (coming soon) to make every game a different and unique experience!

Dealerís Life is free to play and has no in-app purchases so check it out and tell us what you think!

You can get it on Google Play Store.

If you want to know more about the project follow us on Twitter, Facebook, G+ or take a look to our site!

02-22-2017, 08:27 AM
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Version 0.51 out now

Hi guys! Fresh news from Dealer's Life: a new version (0.51) has just been released, with some new fixes that solve a playability problem some of our players were reporting on specific devices.

In this version we also introduced a pack of tutorial tips, to help new players understand the mechanics of the game, and a disclaimer window at the beginning of the game advising that we're still in development and some features could be changed or added.

Last but sure not least, we published our public roadmap, in which we will take trace of bugs, requests from the community and all new features we're going to add in the future! Feel free to take a look and give us a feedback!
03-01-2017, 11:15 AM
Joined: Feb 2017
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Hi everybody!

We have a new great update for Dealer's Life! We just released version 0.53 which contains quite big graphics improvements. We invite you to visit our site to know all details, but we would like to anticipate here a couple of upgrades we think are worth a special mention.

First we introduced a new great defference between buyers and sellers: some of our players had been telling us they sometimes got confused and made the wrong offer, thinking they were buying while they were selling instead. So we decided to make this concept more clear using a radically different visual impact: while sellers would come and put on the table the item they're there to sell (as it was before), buyers would put on the table the money they're ready to spend. Simple idea, realistic and quite effective

The second big improvement we introduced is about visually showing the quality of an item in its appearance. Since we have a few hundreds of base items sprites and 4 level of quality (very good, good, bad and terrible), instead of making 4 versions of every sprite (and quadruplicate the number of sprites we use) we made up a rendering system which is integrated in the precedural generation process of items and uses masks and semi transparent layers obtaining an effect like this:

With this method we easily got 4 versions of a same item using the same sprite! Thanks to its general application, we could apply the same method for all items, getting this effect fo all of them without touching any sprite

These improvements are already released so try them out!

Keep in touch for the next update and have fun!
03-14-2017, 06:30 AM
Joined: Feb 2017
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Hi guys!

Fresh news from Dealer's Life!! We just came out with the new version 0.55, that in turns goes along with the release of a premium version of Dealer's Life which is playable offline, has no mandatory ads nor in-app purchases!

In version 0.55 we gave some more love to the inventory menu, adding buttons with icons to perform actions such as estimate, repair or trash items. We also rearranged a little the item details section, making it look nicer

Now it's time to work on our next tasks on the roadmap!!