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App description: Hello and welcome to Kicking King! An 8-bit retro-style game that is really simple to play: you just have to touch the screen so the foot kicks the little tiny ball in direction of the goal. EASY!

BUT, don't let the goal keeper take it!!1! He is good, really, really good at it.

***** 5 stars! - "Beautiful! Outstanding! Lots of fun! Congrats, son." Mom

**** 4 stars! - "Cool!" Matt, friend from school

**** 4 stars - "Nice. Can we go now?" Thay, my girlfriend

* 1 star :/ - "Shouldn't you be studying?!" Dad

So, remember: TOUCH, KICK, SCORE. That's it. Be the kicking king of your block. Of your city, country, planet, GALAXY!1!! Muaahaaaha... sorry.

For each goal you score, you get one beautiful gold coin. As soon as you get 100 coins, you can buy a new ball. Try to collect all the balls! Because it's cool. Ok? Ok then.

Is it too simple? Yeah, yeah, ok. More is coming soon. So stay tuned for updates! :D

HAppy Kicking, oh mighty, the Kicking King of the UNIVERSE!!


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02-16-2017, 08:32 PM
Fun game. Fairly simple but actually rather addictive. Quite hard to actually build up a high score.

Youtube link | Pop Up

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