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Mobirum - We are a Korean mobile game company, eager to show you more!

02-22-2017, 03:30 AM
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Mobirum - We are a Korean mobile game company, eager to show you more!

Hello everyone and thank you for welcoming us!

We are a Korean company based in Seoul and currently manage some of the biggest games on the market (ok maybe not the top biggest but still!).

We recently opened some of our social media accounts in order to better communicate with players, not just in Korea.

So what we're currently working on now is, producing funny, unique or exclusive reviews, videos and stream to help discover some smaller games, that players may have missed.

We will soon be focused on Korean games that, surely, you didn't hear about yet and will try to tell whether it's worth waiting for them or not.

Well, this is only one of our activities and we will surely come up with much more content in the coming weeks, as we have so many things to say!

Feel free to ask us any question, we're not really here to advertise for anything but more to see if you guys had things you'd like to see, that hadn't been done yet.

Thanks for reading me and let's catch up soon!

By the way, our name is Mobirum! (you may have heard of us via Marvel Future Fight)
02-22-2017, 04:37 AM
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Good morning Mobirum. Seoul seems to be hip and happening around these forums lately. Will be interested to hear about these smaller games that you will be representing. Look forward to seeing more details.
02-22-2017, 07:33 AM
Yes i heard of you guys as you run the message board for Future Fight, if you want to reach out to ours in the coming weeks then look up us on youtube - touchgameplay.

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02-23-2017, 02:17 AM
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iOS/Android Mobirum App

Great to learn more about you guys. First time I heard of you guys was through Netmarbles Star Wars: Force Arena game. Will you guys ever create an iOS and Android app sometime in the near future?
02-23-2017, 05:01 AM
This screams spam! Why hasn't this been deleted yet?
02-23-2017, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by MorteTorment View Post
This screams spam! Why hasn't this been deleted yet?
*puts antispam hat on* Legit developer, coming by to say hi. Nothing spammy about it.