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Giving away BuildBox bbdoc files for all my games.

02-25-2017, 12:11 AM
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Giving away BuildBox bbdoc files for all my games.

Just got website and forums up. All games where made with BuildBox software. Im giving away ALL my games sources for anyone who wishes to reskin etc etc.
Will also be adding game assets. Im an artist so i plan to upload many. From character designs, UI, BG, even music and sound effects. Its all about FREE. Oh and if you don't use BB software but still want sources, i can export for iOS, Android, PC and MAC and send them to you. Games aren't amazing or anything, But its all i got for now! Making more as i learn.

About OneHitGamer
Many years ago i created OHG for a comic i was creating. Over time it became the number one spot for PSP game code creation. [gameshark, codebreaker...that type of codes.] I had over 350,000 forum members. Millions of viewers. [Just google OneHitGamer, thousands of pages talking about OHG, fans, youtube etc as well.] But that scene died out and i shut site down. Fast forward to 2017 and im rebooting it. The original OHG was all about helping people and FREEEEEEE. So now the new OHG will be the same. If anyone wishes to join my forums...just got them up like a week ago. Anyways, thought i would share my source files for my mobile games. Cya!