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  • Publisher: Storybird
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: Universal
  • Size: 82.0 MB
  • Version: 2.1.2
  • Price: Free
  • Average User Rating: 5 (3)
App description: Guns of Mercy is a game combining shoot and arcade in retro 16bits spirit.

20XX, the Earth is a vast and hostile wasteland. The surface has been rendered uninhabitable since the great war against the alien invasion.
To find peace, humanity has been reduced to living underground, but the the enemy is getting there !

Canard PC: "Guns of Mercy deserves your attention."
Snapzzila: "The developer did a great job on Guns of Mercy."
Pocket Gamer: "Storybird offers us an addictive game"

- Embody a Ranger and head for the Earth's core, to exterminate this vermin once and for all.
- Buster, Gatlin, Big meka or mini Pods, all the means are necessary and available to blow up tons of invaders in frenetic, retro style levels.

- Simple and precise controls
- A rich universe inspired by the Super Nintendo game: Super Metroid
- Crazy Monsters and Bosses
- A GamePlay honoring the Metal Slug game of the Neo Geo

- Tons of weapons, characters and tunes to unlock
- Earn Golds and Gems to upgrade your capacities
- Tons of missions to complete
- With around a hundred levels, how far will you go ?

What are you waiting for ? Join the Rangers, blow up aliens and become a hero !
03-06-2017, 02:48 PM
OMG! I just watched the trailer and immediately hit the buy button. Awesome post, Jared.

03-06-2017, 03:33 PM
Joined: Sep 2014
Location: Greece
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i could see myself spending hours with this. if only it had more aiming control options, the area is too small and my finger keeps going away from the aiming spot...

if you like quick arcades with unlockables, you will like this too. Hopefully a dev will make the control areas bigger for those with iphone and not tiny fingers and it will be golden!
03-06-2017, 04:32 PM
Joined: Jul 2014
Posts: 124
I was having the same issue so started using my right index finger to aim rather than my thumb and that's working a little better for me. Really liking this. Just got to the 9th floor and it's ramping up nicely. Loving the aesthetic.
03-06-2017, 04:42 PM
Joined: Jan 2012
Location: Philippines
Posts: 22,664
This looks fantastic... Reminds me of that space shooter (neon colors iirc) that has the same control scheme. Wasnt that by Radiangames or something?

But yeah... Im definitely checking this one out.

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03-06-2017, 07:22 PM
Joined: Mar 2016
Posts: 611
Oh yeah.. This is a fun one so far.. Loving the art too..
03-06-2017, 08:39 PM
Joined: May 2012
Posts: 834
If this is even half as good as it looks in the screenshots, I will be happy.
03-06-2017, 09:28 PM
Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 7
Yep, this is the kind of game I'll be spending a lot of time on. Also...nice way of handling the aiming too on a mobile touch device.
03-06-2017, 09:41 PM
This is good!
03-06-2017, 10:02 PM
Joined: Feb 2012
Posts: 496
Please fix the aiming. My thumb also keeps slipping off the slider. The entire right side of the screen should work as a slider. I love the look of the game. It seems to take place in the same universe as RunGunJumpGun.