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[Free][Android][Game] Battle of the Pucks

03-07-2017, 10:16 AM
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[Free][Android][Game] Battle of the Pucks

We have released our second indie game, Battle of the Pucks:


The goal is simple: propel your pucks so they ram your opponent's pucks out of the board! And, whenever you score—drive their puck(s) off but don't lose any of your own—you get to push again! It's an addictive blend of air hockey, curling, shuffleboard, pool... and even checkers (the "Chapayev" checkers game popular in Russia).

• Realistic "pucks on ice" physics
• Play against another human (on the same device) or an AI—or, watch two AIs battle each other
• 50 play boards, 5 unlockable levels
• Four AI difficulty settings, the default being Adaptive AI
• Customizable colors
• Various records kept for review
• Your best shots are recorded—and can be replayed

Despite the simple rules, it takes time to master the skill of propelling your pucks with the exact required force and direction. And it takes strategy and foresight to not only score but create positions that are difficult for your opponent.

Comments/reviews will be highly appreciated!
04-23-2017, 04:27 PM
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Version 2.0 of Battle of the Pucks is up!

We've released version 2 of Battle of the Pucks!

- Two new levels (10 boards each), with many old boards updated or regrouped for a more logical gameplay progression. Total levels in this version: 7, total boards: 70!

- Start a new game from ANY unlocked level, not just level 1! A level-choice screen lists all locked and unlocked levels so you can track your progress.

- Added new, updated existing color schemes: brighter & more vivid colors!

- Android Immersive mode: Play full screen without the Android buttons taking space!

- Nicer animations and new visual effects!

- Fixed display on large-aspect-ratio devices such as Samsung Galaxy S8

- Fixed several bugs, including "black screen" after restart

Thanks to all our testers! Your detailed reviews and ideas have been invaluable.

What to expect in version 3: OBSTACLES! Barriers, borders, walls, pegs... insanely challenging and insanely addictive. Watch for announcements!

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08-23-2017, 07:14 PM
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We've released version 3 of Battle of the Pucks!

- OBSTACLES! Barriers, borders, walls, pegs... think pinball. The new Level 8 (ten new boards!) introduces a new element into the game: see if you can hit the exact walls at exact angles to sweep away the enemy pucks. Insanely challenging and insanely addictive!

- New colors and new sounds!

- Fixed an immersive-mode bug on Android 7.1.

09-14-2017, 05:31 PM
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Battle of the Pucks review

A funny review for our game by Daikon Media: http://daikonmedia.com/battle-of-the-pucks-review

From now on, I'll never be able to think about our multicolored game pieces other than as fancy condoms!