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App description: SOS! This is the Copernicus. Attempting emergency landing on Arekis 4 Alpha. We were attacked by unknown forces! I repeat

It is the year 2435. Mankind is spreading through the galaxy. Travel to distant stars has become routine. Until now.

Discover what happened to the research vessel Copernicus on its mission in the Arekis System. Navigate Ninox, your agile spaceship prototype, through tight caves on dangerous scout missions. Visit the diverse moons of Arekis 4.

Control your ship with a single swipe of your finger or a turn on the Apple Watch crown.

Modern gameplay. Handcrafted levels. Retro feel.

Play on your iPhone, iPad or your Apple Watch.

Supports Force Feedback on compatible devices.

omurasaki's comments:

Hi, we recently released our first iOS/watchOS game called "Trouble at Arekis 4". It is a skill based side-scrolling shooter where you have to navigate through narrow cave systems and fight enemies.

Being one of the few Action games on the Apple Watch, it offers classic arcade gameplay that incorporates features from games like R-Type and Thruster.


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Promo Codes

I've posted a couple of promo codes here http://forums.toucharcade.com/showth...05#post3991905
In case you want to check out the game for free.