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F2P social games still going strong

03-17-2017, 03:33 AM
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F2P social games still going strong

What F2P social games are you still playing that you've been playing for awhile now?

It would be nice if we could form up a list of current F2P social RPGs/games that continue to have a strong playerbase, continual updates, and games that seem to be constantly emptying our wallets even months or years after initial release.

For me, I've been playing the following games for months now, and some of these years since initial release.

-Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
-Mobius Final Fantasy
-Terra Battle

-Clash Royale

-Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest
-Eternal Arena

So again, the rules for this list:

1) Still have lots of players
2) Updated constantly with new content
3) Feel good and easy to spend money on

An optional requirement could be 4)ease of access, as in how quickly things load up and how quickly you can play the game in a single session.