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I Am President - Decide the fate of your people. What would you do?

03-20-2017, 08:31 AM
I Am President - Decide the fate of your people. What would you do?

I Am President

Welcome to I Am President game where you get to be the President who will make the calls to make your country better (or worse). Every decision will affect your wealth, approval rating, security and population. Do not tempt your fate. Keep those factors in check and balance. But remember, too much of a good thing can also be a bad thing! So, beware!

Imagine that you are the President and reign over the most powerful nation in the world. What would you do? Invest more in public health care? Build more weapons to prepare for Alien invasion? But not to worry, most of us will never have the luxury to be the President… BUT, what if you could?

Decide the fate of your people by swiping with your Almighty (and Totally Not Small) Fingers to make Super Important Decisions!

Appease your citizens by passing resolutions that maintain the powers of state, combat internet trolls and fend off alien invaders of the extraterrestrial kind! Do you have what it takes to lead the nation to greatness, or will you run the country to the ground?


Over 150 funny, satirical scenarios based from current events and pop culture
Includes 15 unique characters to interact with, 6 special events and 12 possible endings
No complex controls. Simple A or B decision done by either swiping left or right
Simple gameplay, no tutorial needed
Choose your own adventure style with every decision will affect your ending
Highly replayable
… more features to be announced



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03-21-2017, 10:36 AM
Your country needs you!

We would like you to come up with some possible scenario cards for our I Am President game. (Check out the trailer and the screenshots in the top post for some ideas)

Think of your best Trumpism or Trump situation etc and they can be good, bad or just plain funny! You can be as creative as you like and just add it to the thread here. Although you will be competing with the man himself so you'll have your work cut out!

We are just after the main card but feel free to add in the two left/right swipe options as in the game as this adds to the fun!

We will be choosing a selection of them from the forum here that we will then be looking to add into the game in an update post launch, we will likely be dishing out a few promo codes to those we have selected.

Thanks in advance

PS Keep them clean