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App description: ***For the best gameplay experience, the following minimum device generations are recommended: iPhone 5 and up, iPad Mini 2 and up, iPad Air 1 and up and iPad Pro.***

Dive into a dark and twisted puzzle-adventure that retells the pivotal events of Orphan Black.

Orphan Black: The Game, is a turn-based adventure puzzle game based on the hit television series Orphan Black, which chronicles the mystery surrounding a sestrahood of clones who find themselves part of a global conspiracy pushing the boundaries of experimental science technology and ethics in human cloning. Players guide their favorite clones through a series of challenging puzzles set in the Orphan Black world as they work together to relive elements of the TV show as told through a fever dream.

Play as Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, Rachel, Beth, MK, Katja, Tony, Krystal
Play 10 worlds with over 80 levels filled with puzzles and traps
Beautiful, third-person isometric art
Trigger Traps, Sliding Floor Panels, Laser Doors, and more to evade or dispatch enemies
Clear levels in as few steps as possible
03-25-2017, 03:01 PM
For those curious, it's very much like the GO games, but has some interesting puzzles that do some new things I haven't seen in the others. For one, I'm on chapter 7 now and so far the only way to kill enemies is by using traps. No sneaking behind them to kill them.

The Orphan Black aspect to it is a little weak, though. Would have liked to see that fleshed out more.

03-26-2017, 12:44 AM
I know it's only been out a couple of days, but I'm amazed this game isn't getting more love already! It might just be the theme, but I think this is close to being my new favourite Go style game - I'm definitely enjoying it more than Hitman and Deus Ex, I'm waiting until I finish before deciding how it compares to Lara Croft.
03-26-2017, 09:03 AM
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The loading times for a mere level reset are killing this for me.

Everyone's favorite chamber of death, doom and decomposition.
03-26-2017, 09:09 AM
Originally Posted by metalcasket View Post
The loading times for a mere level reset are killing this for me.
Yeahhhh...but it still feels less painful than it was for Lara Croft GO.
01-25-2018, 07:40 PM
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I admit that I am very late to having an opportunity to try out this game.

This game deserves a lot more credits and attention despite being seemingly yet another tie-in television game. Rightly, the core mechanics pay homage to the GO series. However, many of the puzzles (beyond the puzzles that are obviously meant to be tutorials) are quite clever and in general a lot more challenging than Lara Croft GO. In fact, I submit that the level of difficulty in this game is what Lara Croft GO should have been.

Agree with the above that the load times are long. The game is also a resource hog and often fails to "background" properly with other apps in a multitasking environment. Aside from these technical issues, the game is a surprisingly competent puzzler and is well worth a play even if you are not an Orphan Black fan.

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02-11-2018, 05:07 PM
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Unsure of the community's interest in this game, but I thought it is worthwhile to post a last impression of the game for prosperity.

Finally completed game (v1.2.0). Star-ed all levels, including those in the updates.

The game is unexpectedly challenging, far superior in both puzzle design and handling of the core mechanics than Lara Croft GO and other games in the GO series to which this game will undoubtedly be compared.

Though the game is a bit slow to start (owing to too many tutorial-like levels), it truly shines with very clever and creative puzzles in later parts of the game. This is especially true with the bonus levels released in the updates. Many of the levels in the M.K. Trials and The Island of Doctor Moreau are extraordinary difficult (to score par). In fact, I found myself spending as much time in solving the levels just from the updates as the time I spent solving the entire main campaign. To this extent, the developer might have gone overboard with the bonus level puzzles, making them far too complicated and lengthy (for example, World 3 Room 8 in M.K. Trials requires 146 steps) and unnecessarily frustrating to troubleshoot because the lack of unlimited undos as a game feature.

Notwithstanding the above, this game is definitely a must play and surprisingly competent puzzler. Certainly proves that not all puzzle games with licensed materials (from TV, in this case) are cheap knockoffs and junk titles.

Highly recommended!

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