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App description: If you wish for something really hard, Lariat the Witch might appear and offer to make your wish come true if you win a game of trivia, but if you lose, something bad might happen instead. How many lives will your ignorance ruin?


25+ diverse characters
50+ branching storylines
1000+ engaging questions for the modern geek
4 question categories with customizable frequency of appearance
A character dying a horrible death because you don't watch enough anime
Full support for English and Spanish languages
Under 150 MB!

Very cute, very endearing. I've nothing but positive things to say about the game.
Rabbit Plays Games

I loved every part of it. I absolutely recommend this game.
Oober Noob

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04-03-2017, 04:38 PM
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anime questions hypeee

im a rpg loving kind of guy

04-03-2017, 09:07 PM
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surprised nobody is talking about this it's great. basically a bunch of different characters with different problems and a witch appears and ask you questions ranging from games like zelda assasins creed mario to anime like pokmon and dragon ball z and a bunch more. after you finish a set of questions it's a random roulette of X (questions you got wrong) and O (questions correctly answered) and if it lands on O a good scenario pops up and if X a bad scenario and then you continue with more questions and stuff

im a rpg loving kind of guy
04-03-2017, 10:46 PM
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Anime = Chinese Cartoons?

Trailer trivia fail.

Looks cute, though.

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04-03-2017, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Misguided View Post
Anime = Cinese Cartoons?

Trailer trivia fail.

Looks cute, though.
I think that's supposed to be a joke
This looks really good for a trivia game. I might bite at some point
04-06-2017, 03:09 AM
Joined: Jul 2016
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You had me at trivia game and theb you lost me and 2.5Gb!!! What the...? 2.5 Gb for a trivia game? That is more than rome total war barbarians and i am pretty sure the graphic overhaul there is much greater. Sigh i am gonna pass on this. If it was like 500mgbs at most i would get it,but my 32Gb ipad or my 16gb ipod dont have room for a 2.5 trivia game (i stress the kind of game it is because unlike an rpg,where usually you just finish and move on,these ges you usually want to pkay several times in different "phases" of life/year and i refuse to down load 2.5gbs everytime i feel like playong a trivia game for a while)
04-06-2017, 08:02 AM
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How can this be 100Mgbs on Android (according to some website I saw) and 2.5 Gbs on IOS?!?
04-06-2017, 04:57 PM
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I can't speak to install size, but this game is fantastic. As a trivia game it's just so-so compared to the heavy hitters, but the little micro-stories and, very specifically, Lariat the Witch...what a memorable character she is with so few words!

I play lots of games, especially async ones. You can add me on GC: geoelectric
04-09-2017, 07:45 AM
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Hi, I'm the creator of Majotori.

The reason for the bigger file size is the image compression tools available on Unity, which seem to be inferior for iOS. While your usual mobile game has a small amount of assets that get reused a lot, Majotori has more than 400 illustrations composed by multiple sprites, which makes a huge difference on the final size depending on the compression quality. We tried every compression option available for iOS and 2.X GB was the smallest size we could get without making all the sprites look like crap. It's unfortunate but there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it.

Thanks for your support.
04-10-2017, 10:48 PM
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It might not be obvious to everyone from screenshots, but those pictures tend to form by crashing in all the individual components from out-of-frame as sprites with slight bounce animations, etc. The graphics are simple in stills but actually very dynamic in-game given their simplicity.

I didn't notice the size before downloading and might have been turned off too, but I can vouch for the style that was achieved. It's a memorable game.

For better or for worse it's a pretty quick game once you get into the stories, so the 2.5gb won't necessarily be sitting there for very long. I finished it within a day or two of focused play.

I play lots of games, especially async ones. You can add me on GC: geoelectric

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