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App description: Please allow the require of "using mobile date" when you first open this game.

Based on the legendary wars between "Chaos Dynasty:Heroes Creed" and the classical defending campaigns in ancient China, this game is one of the best "Chaos Dynasty:Heroes Creed" action game titles melting with famous heroes and diversified upgrading systems.

the most famous heroes system, defending system and skill system show how creative the game is. In addition to that, the huge amount of tasks await for you to explore and challenge. Being defenders of your city and a commander for your homeland people, you have to hold the Defenders Creed for repelling powerful and cruel intruders and defending your "Chaos Dynasty:Heroes Creed" .

Skillful famous heroes from "Chaos Dynasty:Heroes Creed" era, diversified defending tactics and skill system are the core game elements. Different combinations of those elements can create different playing experiences. In addition, unpredictable skill system and extra bonus system further motivate you to join the passionate defending wars.

Features of the famous Heroes: Unique characteristics
Each hero has unique instant skills, which can execute some special defending effects.
Each hero has different defending system and skill system, which will be executed automatically in the battle to increase defending skills.

Defending Features: diversified game-play
Diversified soldier types: Long-range Archer, fatal-attack Infantry, solid Heavy Armor, brave Knight, magical Wizard, powerful Catapult, assistant Drummer play their roles in the game. If being used properly, they are the key factors of victory.
Diversified heroes skills: Each heroes has upgradable skills. Each skill can be further upgraded to most levels. Properly doing upgrades can help to win in the battle.
Diversified powerful skill set : exclusive combo system
The game allows players to perform a unique action with just one click to cast your heroes' abilities to anywhere you want in the battlefield. You will totally feel free to manage your fighting style. Different defending tactics and skill system may bring about different results of battles.
The game offers nearly unique main heroes with exciting abilities and various effects (from punch, kick, elbow, knee, burning, knock back, knock down... to even betrayal action and a lot more). Besides, each hero has a close relationship to some others, when fighting alongside ones Create unique strategies to win every head-on clash and all enemies will have to bend their knees in front of the legend.

Scenes Feature: Full of challenges
As stage goes, enemy will change enhance the attack intensity. More powerful and higher-level enemies will be spawned. In addition, it is very important for you to use different heroes necessarily, upgrade your heros defenders properly, form a smart defending and use skill wisely. Otherwise it would be very hard to defend your homeland.

Heroic journey to find how to return to the original times. Therefore, beyond the time and space of the "Warring States Story" began ... ...
The hero of the game to time and space shuttle into another world, you want to save the world must find his friends, and explore the mutation with the truth ........
But this is a dangerous mission filled with challenging adventures and stimulating daily tasks that awakens your character's real potential and makes them stronger than ever!

Lay your indomitable courage and reputation upon the whole "Chaos Dynasty:Heroes Creed" world.
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It'z a bit slow wit the upgrades tho the battling iz Artfull