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App description: Who's the Mightiest?
Shoot, Deploy & Destroy in Real-time 1v1 Card Battles! Clash with millions of players around the world in a fun, fast-paced epic duel. More than 4 million players joined in on the action. Are you Mighty enough to reach the top of the leaderboard?

Mighty Battle is a world-class free-to-play pvp game. Your goal is to DESTROY the enemy bases by SHOOT down the opposition units AND tower base. Deploy your squad of ARMY SOLDIERS, TANKS, VEHICLES, WEAPONS AND BASE DEFENSES to attack and counter.

More than 40 units to COLLECT and UPGRADE. Earn MEDALS and CRATES by defeating your opponents and advance in the global leaderboard for the mightiest honor.

Form a clan with your Facebook friends or battlers around the globe; share cards, discuss battle strategy and build the mightiest clan in the game.

* Engage in REAL-TIME multiplayer epic duels with players from around the globe
* Defeat opponents and earn awesome Crate rewards
* Open crate reward to UNLOCK new exciting units and UPGRADE your favorite units
* Advance through divisions to the top of the leaderboard, unlock new battlefields and units
* COMPETE in fun filled EVENTS and EARN awesome rewards
* FUN, FAST and INTENSE gameplay that will test your strategic and shooting skill
* Form a clan with your Facebook friends or other players in the game
* Test drive new units and battle deck in stress free TRAINING MODE

Play the #1 Lane Based PVP Card Collecting Strategy Shooting Game!

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Crazyboy423's comments:

Mighty Battles

Hothead Games Inc.
Genres: Games Action Strategy

Time to Get Mighty! Play the #1 Battle Game on Mobile!
Play Real-time Online Multiplayer 1v1 Battles!

As always, Commander, your mission will be to DESTROY ENEMY BASES! You’ll need to SHOOT down advancing attacks, DEPLOY waves of special, battle-ready Units, and use all your skill and strategy to DESTROY the opposing Base!

Build a SQUAD of awesome UNITS to lead into battle! Collect 40 different SOLDIERS, VEHICLES, WEAPONS and BASE DEFENSES!

Shoot enemy Grunts with your Base’s Machine Gun to collect DEPLOYMENT POINTS!
Spend those Points to deploy your Soldiers and Vehicles into battle!
Call powerful Tanks, Helicopters, and other Vehicles into the fray! Deploy Rocket Troopers, Grenadiers, Flamethrower Troopers, and all sorts of different Soldiers with different weapons and abilities!
Play different combinations of Units to make a winning push on the enemy Base!

Destroy enemy Units with Gatling Guns, Rocket Launchers, Bombing Runs and auto-controlled Turrets!
Deploy the right Soldiers and Vehicles into battle to help you fight off attacks, and turn defense into offense!

Challenge other players around the world in LIVE 1v1 MULTIPLAYER BATTLES! Earn MEDALS for each victory, and climb through the DIVISIONS and LEADERBOARDS into the highest tiers of competition.
Hone your shooting skills and tactical mind to become the BEST IN THE WORLD!


Earn Victory Crates by defeating your opponents in battle and unlock them all to collect more Units, Bucks, and Gold. Use these valuable resources to upgrade your Units and make your Squad even stronger than ever!

• CLANS: Join a team of other Commanders and work together to become the Top Clan worldwide! Donate Units to one another, practice with clanmates in friendly Clan Battles, and compete against other Clans in weekend Clan Events. (Coming Soon!)
• EVENTS: Looking for a new way to compete in Mighty Battles? Every weekend, a new EVENT will test your skills with a unique and challenging set of rules. Compete against other players and Clans all weekend, and win sweet rewards for placing on the Event Leaderboard! (Coming Soon!)
• TRAINING MODES: Practice with new Squad combinations and new Units in a CUSTOMIZABLE TRAINER MODE that you can tailor to your preferences. Challenge live players in a fun UNRANKED MODE where Battles can be played without risking your Medal Count.

NOTE: Mighty Battles is 100% free to download and play. Players also have the option of purchasing in-game items with real money if they wish. If you don’t want to take advantage of this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

A network connection is required to play Mighty Battles. Please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

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Terms of Service: www.hotheadgames.com/privacy-policy
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Supported Devices:
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Minimum iOS Version: iOS 9.0

Download Size: 103.6MB

04-23-2017, 09:17 AM
Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 1,172
Oh sweet, a new PVP mobile game, can't wait to check this out!

/looks at screenshot with cards for units you level up tied to complete RNG chests

Yeah, no. Nevermind. That screenshot screams impossible grind tied to rng, and full on pay to win. You know, I don't think that's what people really want in a PVP experience. With the whole being unbalanced by design thing to favor those with higher level cards. That's more like the death of competitive PVP right there. For the casuals prepared to pay their way to victory, get ready for fun!!
04-23-2017, 10:17 AM
Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 1,172
Well I felt dirty to just make an assumptive post without confirming, so I downloaded the game. And well, it's confirmed. This game utilizes the same economy as Clash Royale, and is similar in gameplay to the recent Tom Clancy pvp sniper game. You get to actively and manually shoot with a machine gun turret while deploying units in the left or right hand lane. "Spells" in this game can be as basic as dropping a bombing strike on a lane, or more interestingly as a means to temporarily upgrade your turret such as turning it into a rocket launcher that you get to aim and shoot. Very cool. Deploying a card costs energy that you do not gain passively, but rather by gunning down basic grunt enemies that automatically spawn in lane periodically as fodder/distraction. Timing your deployments with these grunts can be beneficial. Each card seems to have its strengths and hard counters typical to any strategy game. Do enough damage to the enemy's base/tower to blow them up and you win.

The matches themselves seem like they drag just slightly too long, nothing too bad, but noticeable for me. They don't take more than a few minutes either way. Perhaps the more knowledgeable you and your opponent are in the game, the less this feels like an issue. Right now it's more like random shooting explosive chaos. Unfortunately, since this game uses Clash Royale's blueprints, cards have varying levels, and you will be matchmade against players with units that are identical to yours, but stronger for the same cost. Most people reading this should already be familiar with the concept.

The economy is as follows. This is a typical dual currency setup with "bucks" earned in game for upgrading units and "gold" as the paid currency for buying chests. You are rewarded with RNG chests(common/rare/elite) for winning matches. The system works identically to Clash Royale wherein you have four chest slots and a daily chest. Chests take time to open up. You can either speed it up by watching ads, or paying with gold bars. Get used to this system because it's all we're ever going to see until the bubble hypothetically bursts and developers realize we can't spend enough time playing anything at all if every single app uses this ludicrously grind intensive system. This portion of the app store will eventually cannibalize itself in the hunt for whales, completely forgetting the soul behind creating a video game in the process.

I'd say it's polished and interesting enough to recommend giving it a shot. Just know what you're getting into.

Last edited by nodoctors; 04-23-2017 at 10:32 AM.
04-24-2017, 05:15 PM
Originally Posted by nodoctors View Post
You know, I don't think that's what people really want in a PVP experience. With the whole being unbalanced by design thing to favor those with higher level cards. That's more like the death of competitive PVP right there. For the casuals prepared to pay their way to victory, get ready for fun!!
The AppStore charts would tend to say otherwise. Also, let's not forget that this business model for PvP games began with Magic the Gathering - Take the RNG of baseball card collecting and build a competitive game around it.
04-24-2017, 09:27 PM
Joined: Jul 2009
Posts: 1,172
Originally Posted by Saucepolicy View Post
The AppStore charts would tend to say otherwise. Also, let's not forget that this business model for PvP games began with Magic the Gathering - Take the RNG of baseball card collecting and build a competitive game around it.
I'm sorry, but are you implying that whales being manipulated into inflating app store revenue is a measurement of what people actually enjoy in a pvp competitive experience? The stats are pretty astounding. 10% of mobile gamers make up 90% of the app store sales, practically the entirety of the store's profits. Despite having an ungodly amount of users playing, the whales spend so much in Game of War that the profits average out to 550 dollars per user. This is the reality behind why these games are designed this way, and NOT because any of us actually enjoy being subjected to it. Come on man.

And at least Magic the Gathering is an actual card game, and not just using the idea of cards to jerk you around(cough every freemium mobile game here on out). And let's be honest, all of us even as kids knew that the artificial rarity behind baseball cards and mystery booster packs full of duplicates are a bullcrap scam.