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Monsters! (Lovecraft themed monster hunting)

04-28-2017, 12:42 AM
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Monsters! (Lovecraft themed monster hunting)

Hey everyone
We've been silent for quite a while! A lot has happened since last we posted. Unfortunately, we had to shelve our last effort, EMO, due to a number of issues. That was a REALLY tough decision, believe me, but it was just draining too many resources.

The good news is that we've become leaner and meaner! Namely, that "we" is now "me." I'm doing all the heavy lifting now and not relying on others (which was a large part of the problem). And as a result, I'm pleased to announce I have a new game!

This game will be produced in multiple stages. The first stage is a very simple turn based monster hunting/bashing game, easy enough for anyone to pick up but with three difficulty levels to provide a good challenge for most player levels. Simple leaderboards as well for those with the constant urge to get the highest score.

The current version is web based, so you can play it on both desktop and mobile (however there's currently an issue with some audio not playing on iOS Safari), but I'm hoping to port it to mobile (using emulation) to sell on the iOS and Android app stores. Art is 2D tiles (created by yours truly, and as such probably will be replaced in future stages, if I can find a really good artist willing to spare some time), and the theme is directly based on HP Lovecraft's incredible mythos. I've been working on making the game dark, moody, and suspenseful.

This version of the game is called simply Monsters! It's not a final name though. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears!

Play Monsters!

Future versions of this stage will likely add things like special items to find that affect gameplay, multiple levels, and randomized maps (ie. walls, etc.).

Ultimately, I'm looking to turn this game into an online multiplayer party based RPG (not MMO, but rather the kind of game you'd play with a couple friends). The Lovecraft theme will remain, but the rest may be very different from this version - time will tell. That's a bit in the future though...

Finally, the game is free! This web based version at this stage will always be free. If the mobile emulation works out, I'll likely charge $1 (and then increase the price as more features get added). Hope you enjoy!
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05-03-2017, 08:18 PM
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So what would you like to see next? Randomized dungeon levels? Multiple levels? Other goals, items, things to interact with? Character skills? Something else? I'm planning on having all of these in the game eventually, just trying to figure out a development plan.