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Question: can iphone FPS leverage virtual wheel?

10-24-2009, 07:53 AM
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Question: can iphone FPS leverage virtual wheel?

just curious.....anyone know if someone has tested or tried to use 1 or even 2 virtual wheels for an FPS yet?

will virtual wheels set a new standard for on screen FPS controls or will these controls be worse?

virtual wheel (VW) IMO seems ideal for turning on FPS it would be a whole lot faster with a VW plus a VW gesture e. g. rotating your thumb in a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion would be easier to maintain in a small space with no wasted movement.

cuz with sliding you find your thumbs wandering across the screen sometimes even wandering a bit too far on occasion and now having moved to far you have to pick up your thumb and move it over a bit which will give you more space to keep sliding left/right to continue turning or to turn much faster and when you have essentially reset the space in these situations that is wasting movement for those split seconds until your thumb re-connects with the screen again and all the while your character is basically just chilling waiting for input and not turning at all which isnt a HUGE deal if level design is linear but still......it feels un-natural

do you guys feel the same or am i the only one that thinks the sliding gestures for look feels a bit un natural?

however a virtual wheel can only represent one axis either the x axis or the y so its not a complete solution you still would have to use up and down slide gestures to look up and down and then use the VW for quick turning or a combination with the accelerometer representing one axis and the wheel representing another but with looking up and eventually back down unless your on a level with a TON of floors looking up/down really isnt as important as turning around so you dont find your thumbs going to far up/down that often instead its typically just when your trying to turn quickly or circle strafe thats when you find your thumbs wandering around....

also i would like to test and see what 2 virtual wheels would be like on an FPS would it be better then what is on the market now? or worse?

your thoughts?

10-29-2009, 06:07 PM
Do you mean making circles with your finger, or do you mean holding your finger in place and rotating? Rotation can't be detected, only movement, and it's hard to rotate your hand while holding the device.

Small circles might be good - you can express a much larger range of speeds than you can with a joystick type control.