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App description: Destination: Earth. Gas-engine: ON.

Get ready for a noisy takeoff! Help Max the Astronaut Monkey get back home with his high-tech jetpack, famously powered by eco-friendly flatulent energy. Rip through space thanks to this powerful yet all-natural gas that lets you fly higher and higher!
After a crash landing on planet Cowa-426, our brave hero discovered that the only way to get home was through the power of flatulence. Help him collect scrap metal to build powerful space suits. Careful though! The journey through space isnt exactly a piece of cake (or cut of cheese)! Watch out for space cows, asteroids, and other silent but deadly perils of the universe.
Remember: you only have yourself to count on. Dont be embarrassed: as they say, ITS BETTER OUT THAN IN!

lSoLlAKirA's comments:

Hi guys.

Simone from Tiny Games here. Today we've launched as a publisher a new game developed by a small indie company based in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy.

The game is called Space Max and it's about a monkey, with serious digestive problems, trying to get back home. It's an endless jumper, easy to play but hard to master, with an easy progression system based on powerups. Initially the propeller of this space trip were... ehrrr, natural gasses, but we changed the game before launching to match Apple's guidelines. On Android we left the game as it was.

Thanks for the attention and happy f..ting

05-12-2017, 02:05 AM
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Too epic... :D Naaa I'm joking!

I downloaded this game for chance but when I started playing it I can't stop!