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App description: r3nn0R is a 2D action platformer with 8-bittish graphics and sound effects. With one touch controls the game is simple to pickup yet difficult to master.

ndnNinja's comments:
Hey guys I'm new to video game development and have made my first game for mobile. It's called r3nn0R and it's a 2D sidescroller one touch platformer game. The game is a bit difficult but also quite fun.

I am looking for new players who like the game and are interested in submitting ideas in order to see the game grow. The current version is not final and I am actively working on it. Since I'm new to game development what's most important for players to get the best experience is to provide feedback to me. I'll be checking out this thread at least once a day even if I don't respond but most likely will. Thanks for checking out the game and if you like it please respond on how I can make it better.

05-12-2017, 02:02 PM
Joined: Mar 2017
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I gave a try on my ipad pro ios 9.3
I passed the first stage and almost the second stage.
8 bits music (dark theme) likely made with a tracker .
There are plenty of games with the same mechanic in the app store. You should add something more to the controls:
Maybe the ability to double or even triple jump would be nice.
A button which would trigger a kind of protective shield for a limited time in case of drop on spikes (to give a chance to survive..)
Some checkpoints (like in the game "SCRAP for instance) in order not to be obliged to start from the beginning
As for the other games of this kind I suggest also to shift the position of the character more to the left in order to make easier the anticipation of the obstacles.
I saw also that there were adds (I don't like much the freemium model) but it is your choice.
05-12-2017, 05:16 PM
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I do have a few ideas for different mechanics that I'll be playing around with soon. Might try adding a double jump in there too.
In Level checkpoints don't sound so bad either, could maybe integrate them with a difficulty setting.

Maybe it's because of the ipad screen resolution that he is more centered instead of on the left. I'll check it out and fix for the next update. I've only tested on an iphone.
About the ads, I'm thinking it's the only way to get noticed by having a free game but I could be wrong. I'll keep it this way for now but I am open to change.

Thanks for your response!