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I need help finding this old iphone game

05-28-2017, 12:10 AM
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I need help finding this old iphone game

I used to play this app when I was younger, on my iphone 3?? I think it was an iphone 3. It was a game where you got to customise a dog and play on these three level world things. It was animated terribly and the graphics were pretty bad. You could walk into other animals to turn into them. I think the game mightve been mexican, because there was a place in the game where there were dancing skeletons with sombreros. I really want to play this game again, feeling super nostalgic. I need help because I cant remeber the name or developer. I feel like it was called dog beach or dog paradise or something. Help would be much appreciated.
05-28-2017, 08:55 AM
Honestly I have no idea what that game is. Are you still using the same iTunes account as you were back then? If so it may be in your purchase history even if it's been pulled from the store. Good luck. 👍🏿