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App description: In the year 3038, thrill-seeking Lander pilots search the galaxy for unexplored moons to test their flying skills...

Pilot your fragile Lander ship through strange lunar landscapes rife with hidden dangers. Learn how your ship handles, manage your fuel usage, and avoid fatal crashes. Become an Ace Lander pilot!

Reach the top of a level to complete it and earn a star rating based on your score. Lower scores are better! Refuel less frequently and try not to crash in order to lower your score. Finish under the level's Score Budget to get an Ace Lander three star rating!

Every day, a new batch of 9 procedurally-generated levels will appear for you to play and master. Each level gets progressively more difficult. Optimize your routes and perfect each maneuver to earn the best Total Daily Score you can!

* Expressive touch controls
* Challenging physics-based gameplay
* Time your flights, manage your fuel, and optimize your score
* Every day, 9 new procedurally-generated levels for you to master

Art, code, & design by Pat Kemp
Sound Design by Elise Kates
Music licensed from Podington Bear
06-02-2017, 01:32 PM
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Lunar Lift

Hey folks, I just released my game Lunar Lift for iOS. If you like challenging, physics-based action games, this might be your cup of tea. 9 procedurally generated levels for you to play and master each day.


Thanks for taking a look!

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