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My opinion on how iPhone turns out to be till now.

06-04-2017, 08:54 PM
Joined: Dec 2009
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My opinion on how iPhone turns out to be till now.

I have been developing apps and games for iOS since 2009. Which was the time when I quit my job and unable
to get any other job for about a year (just my luck). Fate, it seems, that my 2nd app, LiveSplash
was featured by Apple in New & Noteworthy in over 69 countries all over the world. I immediately purchased my
first iOS device a 3rd gen iPod Touch. It was the most amazing device I ever laid my hands upon.
I was so excited to create apps for this device. I continued making apps and games. And soon, got my first iPhone -the iPhone4. That was the best smartphone I ever had. My previous smartphone was an Asus PDA Phone running WindowsCE.

iPhone4 was great. The only problem I had with it was the lens that gave a slight green/blue tint when taking pictures of a white wall.That too was quickly solved by me by creating an app to remove those blue tints. . But AS A WHOLE PRODUCT, the iPhone4 is perfect. It works just as it is designed. NEVER crashes on me. NEVER hangs. NEVER delays running anything on it. I go months without ever having have to turn it off. It's great piece of human companion.

As a developer, I kept on updating apps and creating more apps and games, mostly because I needed them myself and games was for fun. Forward 5 years later, I bought iPhone 6. Andd... my feeling for it is not as impressed as I was with iPhone4. The phone HANGS!. The phone LAGS (for example when I try to make a call there is noticable lag after tapping the call button on a contant), and it also CRASHES. home button gestures all not responding. Need to wait for a while to get it working again. All funny stuffs were happening. The iPhone now has turned into "just another smartphone". I am not sure whether it is just the iOS, or it is due to the
weak design in hardware. Either way, the iPhone is no longer a harmony of hardware and software.

It saddens me, that the greatness, simplicity, and a great product, basically ruined, since Jobs passed away. The iOS also has turned into this MONSTER of a thing that I can't even recognize anymore. There are too many unnecessary things. I believe the engineers at Apple are too desperate to win by adding more features to iPhone. I feel they are mistaken. A phone is supposed to be a phone. Not an optimus prime that can transform into a blender and fly too! Limited features are not weaknesses. And I feel people at Apple has
lost it. They no longer know what makes a great product. Even on the Mac, we see crap being added (like the new Touchbar.. i mean seriously).

Thank you for reading my opinion.