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App description: *** Just in time for Halloween and in celebration of Dante's 2 year anniversary the app is now FREE! Thank you to all our supporting customers. Help Dante become the #1 free app for this Halloween season. ***

Stoke 'em up !

9/10 review from TheiPhoneAppReview.com:

"Stoke them, fling them, grab the cake and just have fun. Dantes Devilz Food Quest, developed by Triple Treat Mobile Development is a hoot! This classic arcade-style stacking game provides you with hours of entertainment. "


Hes grumpy.
Hes ugly.
He loves cake.
Hes Dante.

Dante's Devilz Food Quest is a fun arcade style game with stunning graphics and sound.
Classic arcade game fans will love the old-school graphics and intuitive gameplay.

Instinctive gameplay with Funky underworld physics.
Unique touch flick and accelerometer controls.
Fast paced casual gameplay.

What's a Dante ?

Is it a werewolf ?
Is it a vampire ?
It's definitely not a mummy !

It's Dante the Demon !

A Dante is a demon that loves cake.
Dante Demons are lazy.
You need to stoke them up and flick them into action.
Help Dante get the cake !

Dante's Devilz Food Quest is simple to learn.

Stoke the demons to get them moving.
Stoke 'em up !
Once they are stoked grab a demon with your finger and flick it up.
Stack them high to get the cake.
Keep them steady. Balance them with accelerometer controls.
Train them to do tricks.
How many can you stack?

3 levels.
Different challenges each level.
Easy and hard setting.

Thanks for all the support Dante fans !

Don't forget to "Stoke `em up !"
06-06-2011, 02:54 AM
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Do you specifically go around resurrecting boards that have been dead for years just for the Hell (no pun intended) of it?

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Originally Posted by Shakti View Post
This old game look very nice!
Your post history is hilarious, fake account much?
06-06-2011, 06:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Shakti View Post
Do not get sick of me in all subjects, where I write?
No he is going on about how all you do is write a one sentence reply in threads.

For Example:

- Great old epic game! In Shinobi III thread
- This old game look very nice! In this thread
- Looks funny! I like it. In Coin Vs Zombie thread
- Good zombie shooter In Zombies: The Last Stand thread
- Great game! In Zombies ate My Baby thread
- excellent! In Trapped: Undead Infection thread
- Good Game! In 2012 Zombies Vs Aliens thread
- I like this screens! In Zombie Dash thread
- Game looks funny! Game free or not? In Zombie Cafe thread
-Screenshots looks fantastic!!! I want play this game. In Dead Escape thread
Awesome! Downloaded In N.Y Zombies thread
So sweet! Can't wait for the update In Zombieville USA thread

3 Points goes to anyone that can connect something in all those posts. GO!

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I'd like my 3 points please...why?

Someone has a Zombie fetish.

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