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[Profti Share] 3D Model Artist Needed - Tower Defence

06-15-2017, 07:07 AM
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[Profti Share] 3D Model Artist Needed - Tower Defence

Hello Everybody!

My name is James and I’m leading the development of an upcoming tower defence game which will be made available on mobile devices. We are looking for a 3D Model Artist to pick up the remaining tower models and animations.

We are pretty close now to having the game finished, there is just a few of us currently working on the final assets. We have some very talented and highly skill folks working on this. We are well into the development which has been running for nearly 2 years. Concept art is 100%, creative content is at 70% and we have a very functional alpha build currently in operation with working game assets and functions. We've just finished a brand new website and teaser trailer which can be viewed here to get a feel for the overall game mood and artistic style.

The work load is pretty minimal as there are only several models left to create. . We would like to look at upgrading / reworking some models if possible.

See below details of the position;



The 3D Model / Animation Artist will be responsible primarily for creating and animating each of the game towers. Additionally there will be other important content to create including stationary structures, some animated structured and vehicles. There are 3 towers remaining,. most of the 3D model elements will be recycled for each tower.


2112TD is a tower defence game for Android and iOS combining both classic tower defence and real time strategy features. Set 100 years in the future, the player must battle inter-dimensional hell spawn across the solar system and defend Earth’s colonies from total annihilation.


The game is going to consist of 2D and 3D elements but it will be coded using mostly 2D sprites and still images. This is to create that classic strategy game feel. To tie in with the story and game universe, the artwork should look quite dark, grainy and dull (but in an aesthetically pleasing way).

Please take a moment to look at the reference images on the website link at the bottom of the post. The same level of detail and style should be replicated for all of the remaining content.


Each member of the 2112TD will be entitled to a fair split of profits generated through;

Game Sales
Lite / Demo Advertising Revenue
In-Game Content Sales

Would you like to take on this role?

Before committing to the project please take a moment to make sure that you can commit to the work load. In General, due to the nature of this project been profit share the development pace is pretty relaxed. It is very important for the project that this role is taken on by somebody who is passionate about sci-fi and who can commit enough time in order to produce at least one fully animated model each week. This should hopefully take no longer than a couple of months if done casually in your spare time This project will require some initiative and that you voice your opinion. There is not always a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ approach so you will be often asked to input your opinion and put forward suggestions with regards to the work of others. If you feel that you can commit, and are able to provide some examples then please get in touch with a link to your portfolio.

If your not familiar with the tower defence genre it is very important that you familiarise yourself with it. Check out Epic Wars TD, Defence Grid, Kingdom Rush, Tower Defense.

Contact: James Mazur
Role: Lead Designer
Email: james@refineryproductions.com

James Mazur | Refinery Audio Production Services | www.refineryproductions.com |

****Save Humanity from the demonic onslaught https://www.facebook.com/2112TD

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06-25-2017, 05:02 AM
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This position is still available

James Mazur | Refinery Audio Production Services | www.refineryproductions.com |

****Save Humanity from the demonic onslaught https://www.facebook.com/2112TD