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App description: Rally Master Pro uncompromising rally action on 27 ambitious and detailed tracks in sunshine, rain and snow!

Race in amateur, professional and expert rallies on 27 ambitious and varied tracks, in any weather, with tough conditions, at top speed. Experience how the driving behaviour changes based on the road surface, weather and condition of your vehicle and always pay attention to your co-pilot and his announcements. Only if you know what the road ahead looks like you will be able to drift smoothly through the curves and make it under the strict time limits. Keep an eye on the damage model of your car and use the repair option between the races to get your vehicle fixed for the next race or you wont get far. Study your last race in the interactive replay with numerous vehicle and TV cameras to memorize each curve and perfect your driving style or even race against your own ghost.

Full Retina High Resolution Graphics
Game modes: Career, Time Trail and Adrenaline
27 varied tracks with different road conditions
Optional 3D damage model with repair mini games
Weather simulation
Touch and tilt controls with individual settings
Ghost Racing
Front Cam

You know how to drive? Prove it and get Rally Master Pro now!

Not sure about it? Check out the official game trailer on YouTube! http://bit.ly/rmpiphone

"Rally Master Pro 3D is now the best racing experience on the iPhone. The game features the best handling, best looking, and most fun of the three main racing games. The only thing it lacks is online connectivity, but it is really unnecessary in this game."
appadvice 5/5 - absolute must

fishlabs_games's comments:
Heads up!

Rally Master Pro just went live (received the email a minute ago, be patient if the link is not working yet):

Rest of World: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=335971400&mt=8

Just in case you haven't seen the official game trailer yet:

Youtube link | Pop Up

Game on!

10-26-2009, 03:23 PM
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Impressions and reviews

First Impressions and reviews

SO we have our first impression here.
Originally Posted by gatorsxrule View Post
I Recomend staying with real racing, this is because real racing has better handleing controls and a bigger track. I rate this 6.5/10
only get this game if you love racing games, like me ( I don't totaly regret buying this)
Originally Posted by gatorsxrule View Post
I played with it a bit more an like it a lot more sorry if my review was misleading I like this game slot now after a while I rate this a 8/9 out of 10
More impressions
Originally Posted by yxkpro View Post
Just downloaded, I’ll give some first impressions.

- Right off, pretty fast loading, and good UI. Went straight to controls, and saw an interesting feature. When you change the control scheme, it shows a preview of it. It has accelerometer turning along with a steering wheel and just a right and left turning buttons. You can turn off auto-accelerate, too.
- I actually like the physics, but it might just be me. I can definitely tell this will be a keeper. Pretty challenging. I'm really enjoying the game. Definitely recommended if you like racing, but it might be a bit too hard (maybe) if you are a casual gamer. Truly worth the money.

EDIT: The realization that there aren't any opponents (thought the first track was just a time trial or a qualifier) is disappointing, I still enjoy the game. If you don't mind just driving to beat a time, still recommended. Fans of racing might not approve. Still loving it!
Originally Posted by Auhron View Post
I do recommend this game to every Rally Fan out there, it might not be the real deal for arcade racer fans out there, as it is a real simulation.

The game features a full scale damage system, not only on the optical part but also with consequences on the driving experience. The co drivers voice guides you through the 23 races of the career mode. Weather effects are also available (rain, snow), repair of car via mini games our via AI automatically.

For all German readers out there, you can find a detailled preview and news about the game on my page. Anyway if you have some detailled question about the game or special parts, feel free to ask.

Also the game should not be compared to Real Racing and/or NFS, as it is a Rally Simulation with full damage and weather system, not a arcade street racer.
Originally Posted by defaude View Post
The problem I have right now nearly instantly, that the 27 tracks are locked to the difficulty levels, so you can play in easy 9 tracks which are not available in medium or hard, also medium it's own 9 tracks and so on...

Thats bad because as an experienced Colin McRae User I could always play every single track in several difficulty levels (and so would never loose track variety staying in hard difficulty), so in Rally Master Pro I will never return to easy once I passed because I will win every race instantly, medium also not I think... In CMR also stayed at the end only in hard.

So in the end I will have only 9 tracks to play in this game here, the time length is mostly extremly shocking short in comparison to Colin McRae 2.0

Too short and not enough amount, sad I hope fishlabs enables for replay the other 18 tracks for "hard"...
Originally Posted by defaude View Post
I completed just the amateur career, and one of the medium races.

Graphics so far are top notch, easily better than Real Racing! The car models alone...

Nice mix between asphalt only, dirt only and asphalt+dirt, quite great variety! Also some asphalt tracks have on the side a stripe of stones/dirt, that slows you more down than green, great for tech perfectionist, CMR2 had that too The tracks are also not flat, they have hills, or street crossings (rails for example) which give the car a little jump.

So what's about the car physics? The car feels a bit too much like a ton-heavy tank and also slides not enough, in CMR with the right settings and steering you could make at grade 5 courves nearly an 180 turn, not possible here, the CMR programmers are still perfectionists at their physics, so this tank-feeling in Rally Master Pro is quite a critisism, hope they change the physics rules in an update.

I also brought for test purposes my car to 60 % damage level, the damage model is a joke in comparison to CMR, it barely exists, haven't really an effect on driving...

So in the end the game doens't even come close to the one and only rally game series Colin McRae, but because there isn't any other rally rival in the appstore, it will stay quite a bit on my iPhone because I am a racing game junkie
Originally Posted by SlideToPlay Phil View Post
After playing for about 30 minutes. I ve tried all 3 control methods. I'm a touch control person, not too big of a tilt fan. I love the Touch Controls in Real Racing but here....ugh. They are kinda lame. There are 2 sets of touch controls in this one. Theres a racing wheel that you can turn, which is kinda annoying, and two buttons that simulate left and right. The tilt is pretty annoying. Im using the button controls(left and right buttons) and its working pretty well. The other thing that annoys me is that touching the sides of the road slows your car down like crazy, you have to basically balance your car to be on the narrow roads. I wish there were other cars to actually race against. Fish Labs, you guys did great work on G.o.F, and I love racing games, but I would stick with Real Racing instead of this. $6.99 for both games, Real Racing has a lot more gameplay and realism into it. This game does have pretty good graphics, but the controls and realism isn't the cup of tea.

Hope this helped
Originally Posted by sizzlakalonji View Post
I'm going to add my voice to those who say this shouldn't be compared with RR. They really are different experiences. I'm enjoying this quite a bit. I'm going with the cockpit view, manual accel and brake, and tilt steering. I can't bring myself to use touch steering on this device. To me tilt steering is one of the things that set this platform apart from any other except possibly the Wii. There's plenty of room for this, RR, NFS, and other stellar driving games
out there. And about the pricing, perhaps it should be slightly less, but it seems that you feel this is some purposeful spiting of Europeans...I highly doubt that from a German developer. Also, I don't remember this huge uproar when all of Konami's games were on sale everywhere but the U.S. Suck it up.

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damn i wanted to be the first one who replies ;-). How do you TA's say?

"I am SOOOOO getting this!" ^^
10-26-2009, 03:24 PM
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Hmmmmmmmm, i think i will stick with real racing.

10-26-2009, 03:24 PM
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Congratulations! I’ll surely purchase it.

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Sweet!!! Now, only if I had enough iTunes money

EDIT: Sweet, my 3000th post!

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Originally Posted by Mr Crazy View Post
Hmmmmmmmm, i think i will stick with real racing.
yes :/
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Originally Posted by yourofl10 View Post
Sweet!!! Now, only if I had enough iTunes money
ya october is too expensive =)

Wow! You are the Lionel Messi of the Touch Soccer world!!!
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FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! It's just like Dirt 2 - MUST HAVE!
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Originally Posted by Mr Crazy View Post
Hmmmmmmmm, i think i will stick with real racing.

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