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Battle Golf Online! Looking for Beta testers!

06-20-2017, 07:40 AM
Joined: Jul 2014
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Battle Golf Online! Looking for Beta testers!

Hey everybody!

Who remembers a little game by Folmer Kelly and myself called Battle Golf?

Well I have linked up with old friends over at Kappsule Studios to bring you Battle Golf Online!

Whack golf balls at holes or at the heads of people around the world in real time multiplayer!

Please PM me your e-mail if you would like a testflight invite!

There is an AI match and local multiplayer for you to play while we wait for the online player base to pick up.


slightly fizzy GIF below

06-20-2017, 08:07 AM
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Sweet!!! I'm in

Game center:dreadnokv1/ Twitter:@dreadnokv1
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06-20-2017, 11:03 AM
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love strategy games!
06-20-2017, 09:46 PM
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I'm in!!
06-21-2017, 04:26 AM
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Let me in!
08-24-2017, 04:41 AM
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Hey everyone!

We are really excited to finally have the release date for Battle Golf Online! it will be live on the App Store on the 31st of August! So next week, I look forward to whacking a golf ball are some of your heads.