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How do you prototype a game publicly on iOS?

06-30-2017, 06:23 AM
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How do you prototype a game publicly on iOS?

Hi all,

Is it possible to run a public iOS app as a prototype without having the users struggle with TestFlight?

In short:
We are planning on visiting a supermarket where we will meet with it's customers and get them to download and try our game. We need our game to be tested and exposed to the supermarket's customers but hopefully without the hazzle of having them to sign-up, download TestFlight and wait for approval. It is not a requirement for us to go through app store, as long as they can have the app on their phones. We are basically looking for the easiest way to expose our users. They need the app on their phones, because we wish to track retention rates and see if the customers will be back for more content updates.

Is this possible? Is there a way I am not aware of?

From what I heard I believe "Apple Developer Enterprise Program" may be what I need, but I don't fully grasp how this is different from the developer program.