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App description: The fullest and coolest heroes gather here, hurry to collect the stronger and popular heroes;
You can challenge Arena, Guild battle, Cross Server Battle in our game;
Welfare of login, battle, level up and achievement are waiting for you!
---Super Welfare---
*Great reward for 7 Days, Get hero for free*
Ten times recharge rebate and first recharge send you super hero.
---Game Feature---
Appearance Design
Professional painter elaborately done in design, hundreds of gorgeous and elaborate image are vividly shown on the screen!
Skills and Gameplay
Rigorous set of heroes and totally restore of relationship make team up combo powerful and amazing. You are the one to master these strongest hero rangers! Are you ready to make the strongest team?
Original animation
Fantastic story together with popular original songs brings you purest experience of secondary element!
Complete Collection
Every iconic character you encountered in your childhood gathers here. Partners in growth stage, mature stage and so on absolutely meet your needs of image quality.
Abundant Training
You can develop super heroes in several ways like equipment, spirit, divine weapon, talent and constellation. Limiting strategy lead you to dominate the world.
Exciting Challenges
Events of Arena, instance, trial, tamers, guild battle and Challenger Tournament would be released in turns. Here are PVP, PVE instances to enrich rewards and equip your rangers!

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07-11-2017, 09:48 PM
Joined: Oct 2015
Posts: 10
Hello guys! I wanted to know what you though about this game : ) ive honestly been enjoying it so far, its a very well build game, as in, it doesnt have bugs, or i havent encountered any xD it has lot of nice features and although its the usual type of game that has been out resently ( get heroes, level them up upgrade their equipment etc) Its fun, because they had kept the digimon aura really great!

Of course they show a lot of microtransactions, but ive honestly havent payed a cent and i already have a team and everything is fine lvl34
But if you liek competetive gaming of course you gotta pay xD but if you are like me, you wont have any issues :>
07-12-2017, 12:05 AM
Joined: Oct 2010
Location: Australia
Posts: 289
So it's come to this. Digimon has finally become a target for blatant mobile copyright infringement like all those Pokemon ripoff games.

Because the facebook page very very blatantly celebrates being a Digimon game but the store decription carefully avoids using the name and also blacks out all those presumably stolen 2D art. Also there is an official Digimon mobile game called Digimon Heroes published by Bandai Namco, I don't think they'd give the license to some random Chinese developer.

Game Center: Jenohart

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