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Star Raiders : a new title coming from Weedo team

07-17-2017, 10:13 AM
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Star Raiders : a new title coming from Weedo team

Hi, TA community!

We are back, after a period of polishing, we made bunch of improvements in Star Raiders. We can't promise it's perfect , but we do promise that we will consider your feedback seriously, and we really care, like we always said before. If you meet any problems, please throw your feedback to us and excuse us. We are willing to improve the game to the best on mobile platform, but it's not possible without your help.

If you are interested, PM me or send your email to support@weedo.hk to join our testing. Both iOS and Android players can join our testing. Please indicate whether you are an iOS or Android player.

We are keeping polishing this game and preparing a new version. It’s another big version and we will start the next testing. We will post the detail update information later, looking forward how cool it will be!

Sneak Peak Trailer

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Defeat other raider! Loot them all!!!! Show your ability to other players!!

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Why we want to start a new title~?

Well, Shoot the Dragons is our first official game, and thousands of players show their passion to this game. They gave us many useful advices and helped us update our game again and again...Seriously, we didn’t expect we were loved by the worldwide players before we launched this game, thanks you guys! .

But! This game didn’t meet our own results, and we even suppose we could do better.

Before we made the Shoot the Dragons, we already designed a full story which was happened in the Pandora planet, and Shoot the Dragons was the key to open this world which filled with adventures and mystery!

Unfortunately, we were soooooooo concentrated on the a part of core gameplay: battle. Because we really, really, really want to present a best horizontal shooter for you, and ignored the other parts, such as the systems, the game modes, and the narrative.

Hence, we decide to make a new tile and bring the whole of quirky ideas in our mind to give ur guys a better game!

The details about our new game
1) A vivid world
We build a vivid world raiders world for you. You will find many visitors in the game. Actually, they are other raiders! They will help you a lot in the Boss battle. By the way, pay a visit to your friends home will find some surprise gifts~

2) Dynamic interaction
Exploring…Kill Bosses with friends...Loot other Raiders….and….destroy their Spaceship!! This world was filled of the players interaction~ Your will never feel lonely in this world!

3) Distinctive battle style
As for our advantage, the battle gameplay, we move forward from our 1st generation! None of the battle experience will be same!

4) Well-designed multi-player game
More important, we have a wealth of multiplayer game model. Show your real ability to the worldwide raiders!

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Sneak Peeks? Come back tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we will post some stories about our games.

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Greetings from Weedo Game!

Hi guys, it's been a while but here we are back again! We're the developer of the mobile game 'Shoot the Dragons!' Our aims to create one of the best sideways scrolling shooters on your mobile and for many, the only you will want. The game was featured by the Editors on Touch Arcade as well as getting great feedback from numerous players and very positive reviews!
"Well-Animated Horizontal Shoot 'em Up That Looks Like Fun" - TA Editor
"I'm quite impressed with the improvements and new content" - Jenohart
"it's fun to play, graphics look good and the sound is good as well" - Richard
"I've sat here and tried to think of one negative thing to say and honestly I can't think of one" - Billy
"I definitely think you're headed in the right direction" - Eric

Thanks For All Your Help!

We had tonnes of help from you all when we were in the development period of this game and feel we managed to build such a solid game due to your input. We thank you massively for all your valuable help and feedback during the testing phases of the game and beyond launch! (Big pats on the back for everyone please!!!!!)

Amazing things ahead!

This time around we're bringing a brand new one game! A multi-player, multi-play style game based in a sci-fi space pirate setting! This game is the offspring from the development process of our original game. In order to make a better side-scrolling game we extended our new game in three different areas:

--Rich Dynamic Stories!
First off, the story is set in the near future of planet of Pandora. A new stage is set in the struggles to be had and new enemies to be overcome. This mysterious planet has much more new and varied content just waiting to be explored!

--Distinctive Gameplay!
In the gameplay, we paid more attention to the players own battles with the last game. By contrast, in this game, we are focused more on the interaction between players (but still very much giving the players own battles the attention they deserve!) Why? Because this is a world full of pirates! Struggle, conflict and co-operation happen everywhere and at every encounter! With such a rich interaction between players, we feel this will bring you greater fun in your adventures!

--The Well-designed theme!
We chose the sci-fi theme of Space Pirates for the new game! These crazy pirates plundered through all the other planets in the galaxy for a long time until they finally reached the edge of known space and found Pandora. However... you're also one of these ruthless renegades! To become the King of the Pirates, stand on top of the crowd, or will you wantonly plunder and destroy your fellow pirates? Make your choice!

Come Join Us!
We are so glad we have the fans like you who are really important for us to constantly improve the game each step of the way. The game is not just made by us, it's also with you, our valued players.

If you want to join our TestFlight either PM us directly or comment on our thread! We will contact you ASAP and invite you to join us on this new adventure we are planing!

If you have any thoughts or feedback, please leave comments and we will gladly hear your advice and reply back! Many thanks!

Put It In Your Diary!
We plan to start delivering more info on the game, such as images, gifs and maybe some video starting on Wednesday! See you then

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07-18-2017, 01:19 AM
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Space Pirates theme is cool!
I want to join the TestFlight, just PMed you.
What's name of the game BTW?

07-18-2017, 01:21 AM
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Interesting setting!

Sci-fi space pirate! Sounds good, it's my type! As for your mentioned, Ummm ..the conflict and cooperation? Wow! How could you do that??~~~ I'm so curious!!!!!!
07-19-2017, 08:38 AM
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Hi aoxu

Thank you.

We got you. We didn't decide our new title name.

We posted a sneak peek about the theme, hope you like it.
07-24-2017, 11:01 AM
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Glad you like it !

We will post something about the conflict and cooperation, in the future. Keep following

Originally Posted by Zimering View Post
Sci-fi space pirate! Sounds good, it's my type! As for your mentioned, Ummm ..the conflict and cooperation? Wow! How could you do that??~~~ I'm so curious!!!!!!
07-24-2017, 11:08 AM
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Hey my mailbox was full I saw you tried to message me Passion

Game center:dreadnokv1/ Twitter:@dreadnokv1
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07-25-2017, 10:34 PM
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I was try to tell you I got your email.

Originally Posted by dreadnok View Post
Hey my mailbox was full I saw you tried to message me Passion
08-09-2017, 08:11 AM
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um... Where are your post?~~~~
08-09-2017, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Zimering View Post
um... Where are your post?~~~~

Its in the thread!
08-16-2017, 09:46 PM
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Good Nice!