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App description: A spectacular story of gods and humans in Nichinan city

This story is set in Nichinan city in Miyazaki prefecture, here is known as a city in deep connection with ancient Japanese gods.
One day, a big white fog wall appeared and surrounded the city to isolate the people in Nichinan from the outside.
In Kitago station, Akari Sashi, a heroine of the story, is waiting for Yuto Aratake, her best old friend and he is out of town for an away-match in the sports activities.
Although she is waiting for him every day, he will never come back.
On the way home, she drops by Ushiodake shrine, where she visits often, and prays a god for his safety. Suddenly she hears a voice talking to her from behind, although there is no one in the shrine.
"I'll grant your wish, Sashi."
When she turns around, then she finds......

How to play
The prologue starts soon at the first time.
You can enjoy the story with beautiful photos of the real places in Nichinan city.

From the beginning until the end, you can play for free.
New episodes will be released irregularly.
We expect to create a substory and picture-book and update them accordingly.

For free
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How do you pronounce the name?
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Originally Posted by gaymerX View Post
How do you pronounce the name?
I think "sue-may-new-me"