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Good Strategy Game for Ipad

07-26-2017, 11:57 PM
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Good Strategy Game for Ipad

So ive been recently craving some good strategy games for the ipad after playing a bunch of Total War: Barbarian invasion and i was wondering if u guys had any worthy recommendations. Ive been looking for a more fantasy themed game but any genre is good. Right now i was looking between Battlelore: Command, Hell: Fight for gilrand and both Demon's Rise games. Any of them good? Was also looking into banner saga 2 but i couldnt play much of the first one since i remember one day i tried starting it and it woouldnt load.(on a side note, i was also looking into Ember, i know its not a strategy game but would anyone recommend it?) thanks!
07-27-2017, 02:10 AM
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The Total War games are really good if they meet your taste, and apparently you like them.
They just released Rome: Alexander, so there's another one for you forums.toucharcade.com/showthread.php?t=309579

On the fantasy side there isn't much else:
I played Battlelore:Command and can recommend it, even if it gets a bit overcomplicated for my taste later on.
Other than that, I highly recommend Planar Conquest: It's an improved remake of Master of Magic, really fun to play (see my sig for a game guide) .

The two Banner Sagas I can't really recommend: while they start out of fun, some aspects like the food management are extremely frustrating. And if I remember right, at least in Banner Saga 1 you were screwed in endgame if you didn't build your characters a certain way.

Didn't play Fight for Gillirand, so I can't comment on that. Note that the app description says it's a 32bit game, so it'll no longer work on iOS11.

On the Sci-Fi side you have Starbase Orion, THE 4X game on iOS. In a similar vein is Star Traders 4X. I recommend both, Starbase Orion more than Star Traders (quoting myself from Discord on Star Traders: "Fun one too, just the techtree is a whole rainforest by now, way too large for my taste".
Other folks on Discord mentioned Haegemonia:Legends of Iron, and Eclipse:New Dawn for the Galaxy; but I didn't play those, so can't comment.

Then there's Pre-Dynastic Egypt: very good game, highly recommended. Just be aware that it tells the story of Egypt's rise to a kingdom, so it's not your classic open 4X game, which limits replayability.

And if you are looking for some different - and very special, it's truly one of a kind - give King of Dragon Pass a shot. Not your typical fantasy-medieval strategy, but a fantastic game and really unique.

The Demon's Rise games are excellent tactical squad combat, both highly recommended. And Wavelight will release their new game Strike Team Hyra (scifi Demon's Rise) soon; so if you like that, keep an eye out for it.

Ember is an excellent RPG, really enjoyed it. So yes, also recommended, and highly to boot.

That's all I can think for now, enjoy

UPDATE: Forgot a few.
Codex of Victory - really good Scifi turn-based combat.
Templar Battleforce - Scifi squad tactics. Graphics are nothing to write home about, but the gameplay more than makes up for that.
Legends of Callasia - another good fantasy strategy game.

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