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App description: Update 1.63 is now live!

A large number of balance changes.
Changed Boss Music.
Adjusted some sound effects.
Added new Events.
Bug fixes.

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The Rogue Knights have been exiled from the kingdoms they once defended and are now scattered. A lone Runner senses a dangerous presence in the nearby castle and quickly races to see if all is well.

Rogue Knight Runner takes the simple Runner style game and makes an RPG out of it. Fight enemies with either magic or melee to Level Up and face tougher challenges ahead. Powerful bosses impede your progress and challenge both your skill and equipment at the end of every area. Collect gold and increase each Class's Rank in order to unlock new Weapons, Armor, and Relics that change how each character is played. Leveling Up and character development is tied to a unique RPG system that changes the character bases on what Equipment is being used, which in turn creates a near limitless level of customization.

Run or fight as 5 Classes with 75 Weapons, Armor, and Relics to unlock and equip.

Equipment changes how each character progresses through the game. Will you choose a sword balanced between offense and defense that also gives good stats during a level gain? Or will you go purely offensive? Perhaps a magic-focused Warrior? The choice is yours.

Go through 12 areas with over 40 enemies and bosses. Bosses will challenge both your ability to dodge but also your strategy in Equipment. Is your Equipment too weak defensively to withstand its attacks? Or can you do too little damage before time is up?

Find over 150 Artifacts locked away in chests throughout the land that will both help even the odds and also change how each run is played.

Arckayne's comments:
Hey guys. I'm Damian, creator of RKR. My passion is gaming and I decided to make one based on gaming principles that I love: RPGs, rogue-like, stat progression, and tough but fair difficulty. If you love any or all of the above, then give my game a few runs. I promise that it'll grow on you if you give it a chance.

07-30-2017, 05:28 PM
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The metadata seems to be a bit inaccurate. The game is free and ad supported, not $0.99.