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Lando Cerra | Freelance Composer / Sound Designer | Nintendo, Orchestral, NES/GB, etc

07-29-2017, 05:34 AM
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Lando Cerra | Freelance Composer / Sound Designer | Nintendo, Orchestral, NES/GB, etc

Greetings! My name's Lando Cerra, I am a game composer and sound designer. I create a wide variety of styles of electronic music, I create mostly but not limited to retro, orchestral, chiptune, dance, rave, etc. My biggest inspirations are mainly the music of Nintendo, you can probably tell through some of the tracks in my playlist. There are other HUGE influences that I'd love to name but I don't want spoil it mainly for the sake and joy of surprise. Just know that the music I create are influenced by very special artists that made me the artist I am <3 and also what makes my style my style. The only thing I'll say is expect for a wild ride on my portfolio in the near future ��. Anyways here's my portfolio:

This portfolio / playlist will update in time, so check back once in a while! I got big plans.

Some types of games I wish to work with are rpg, sidescroller, retro, NES/GB style, shmup, bemani / rhythm / music based, platformers like Banjo and Rayman

Extra info (Soundcloud bio): 19 • Student • Freelance Game Composer • Sound Designer • Aural Explorer
• I always do my best to put my heart into composing music that has feeling and emotion. My music is meant to be memorable and hope you feel inspired by my creations, that is my main goal.

Influences: MOTHER / Pokemon / Animal Crossing / Koji Kondo / Nintendo / other

Thanks for checking me and my music out, I hope you enjoyed and that we can possibly work together.
Thank you and see you on the flipside

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