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App description: Harvest resources, build an empire, explore a mysterious new world and more in Idle Realm!

Looking for a strategy game? An exploration game? Resource management game? City and empire building games? Oh yeah, we've got you covered!

Gameplay that is easy to pick up:
* Harvest resources by tapping the land!
* Automate resource gathering by building buildings!
* Unlock new buildings by using research!
* Scout the land to find more resources and enemies!
* Defeat your enemies via brute force or by using diplomacy!
* Build new settlements to expand your domain!
* Find old relics to unlock the mysteries of the strange new land!


* Idler gameplay! Start with a few taps, then build up your settlement to automate things! Tons of tech to unlock and buildings to upgrade!

* Play campaigns! Complete objectives and travel to new islands, bringing over research and resources, to push as far you can! Tons of islands to explore and hazards to deal with!

* Finish and restart campaigns! By using the rewards at the end of a campaign, you can start a new campaign with an even stronger Realm!

* Collect Relics! By completing collections, new objectives will unlock to be beaten during your campaigns!

Eat the Moon's comments:

Hey everyone! Our first mobile game is now available worldwide and we can't wait to share it with you!

Idle Realm is a hybrid of the idle clicker, kingdom builder, resource management and map exploration genres.

Starting with nothing but a town hall, you'll harvest the natural resources by tapping on the land. Trees give wood, grass yields hay, berry bushes give food, mountains give stone, etc. Next, you'll build a campfire to start down the path of researching, which will let you start automating your resource harvesting. Land will start becoming scare as you develop your settlement, so you'll need to scout around the map to find ideal locations for new settlements and build up your empire! You'll also find ruins to loot and enemies to fight!

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Idle Realm Page

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Eat the Moon Games

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08-01-2017, 05:53 PM
Joined: Jan 2015
Location: Liberty city
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Downloading this today. Will leave impressions later

Current Recommendations: Blocky Farm, Morphite, Cat Quest, Pocket Build

08-01-2017, 08:10 PM
Joined: Jan 2013
Posts: 620
Jay you and I have played enough of these that I trust your impressions.

Curious on one thing that would help me decide on whether to jump in: is it a true idler or more of a clicker?

Ideally it'd be nice to find another idler that I can play for 30mins a day or so and not need to click all day to advance.

08-01-2017, 11:46 PM
Joined: Jul 2017
Location: Washington, USA
Posts: 105
I'm the developer for the game, full disclosure, but I want to chime in anyway

Idle Realm starts as a clicker. Until you get enough resources, you'll be tapping the land to get the stuff you need. The tutorial is meant to push you into the first parts of automation and shouldn't take more 10 minutes. When starting a new game, veteran players can hit automation within 2-5 minutes, easy. You will still need to sit there and wait for your resources to fill up, so you can still tap around to speed that up.

I wanted to simulate the concept of starting off alone, doing the work yourself (hence the tapping). Once you get citizens as a resource, then you effectively push the load onto the game to do the work for you.

To make things more interesting, the concept of limited land space was introduced so that you have to pick what buildings you want to pursue, when, and where. I watched testers just build any building they they unlocked to fill up their starting area, only to find that they didn't have enough storage and either didn't know what to do and asked for help, or they figured it out and decided to demolish buildings that weren't needed and build warehouses and silos to increase their storage space. Having to do urban planning, essentially, for parts of the game as a hidden mechanic felt very rewarding to me.

Each building needs to be researched, which will take time. More advanced buildings and upgrades to existing buildings will require you to start the research and come back, or go about your business and build more stuff. You can build more knowledge generating buildings to decrease the amount of time needed to research something (and you will need to do this with the mid and late game, unless you want to wait a week for something to finish ... please just build more libraries or schools ).

Once you understand the basics of the game, I feel like a typical session for the game is:

1) Start researching something

2) Figure out what the next building you want to make will be

3) Look at what the prerequisites (type of resources, citizen count, land space) will be needed and plan it

4) Build what you can

5) Spend your excess wood and food by scouting the nearby terrain (to find enemies, ruins, or nice sites for new settlements)

6) Tap the land if you want to do something while waiting

Also of note, like clicker and incremental games in general, you can restart your game and start over, carrying over items, premium currency, relics and winning conditions you have collected and unlocked. There are actual winning conditions to strive for, so you can actually "beat" your game and start over. I wanted replayability, so each game should feel different than the last with the world you'll be on. The basic concepts will be the same but the land around you, outside your starting base, will typically be different.
08-02-2017, 04:29 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 1,569
This is the best idle game I ever played!!!!! Instead of the usual mindless clicking and upgrading. This game burns your brain cells! This is the first time ever I see a game that combines real idle clicker and resource management and somewhat puzzle-like strategy game!!!

Thanks a lot for this game awesome!! I hope in future all idle clicker game will follow your framework!!!!

5 stars!!!!
08-02-2017, 06:30 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 1,569
Dev! I got to give it to you!!! Amazing and innovative ideas that will probably be the standard in future idle clicker or in general.
I love the way u implemented the loots and the way it works with ads. You give players the options although I rather think of it as you-are-stupid-if-u-dont-watch-ads!

One question if anyone starts a new game is the map exactly as it is or its randomized? Was it your idea of putting the sand away from the first town hall. Hehhehhe
08-02-2017, 06:56 PM
Joined: Jun 2015
Posts: 935
Ugh! 😣
Please, please allow screen rotation.

Some of us play on iPads and they are in a stand (expecially with a big iPad Pro) and the Lightning connection is at the bottom of the screen so we are unable to play and charge. We need the connection to be at the top.

Once again I ask.....is it really that hard for developers to implement what I think would be such a standard feature?
08-02-2017, 06:59 PM
Joined: Jul 2017
Location: Washington, USA
Posts: 105
I'm glad you're enjoying it Riona! I really wanted to do a different take on the idle genre, so I'm glad some of that has been recognized

As for your questions:

Each new game will have your location randomized on the map, with specific terrain in place for your starting zone and one lone, very weak wolf outside your border.

Sand was purposely placed outside of your starting zone so that you would need to create a new settlement in order to access sand and the technology that comes along with it. It was my way of providing a silent tutorial to have the player expand their empire to access new types of resources.

The same goes with water, which is required to build Docks and access the resource trading feature (convert resources to gold, purchase resources with gold, with an economy that fluctuates every hour or so). Tapping on the Docks will allow you to access this screen.
08-02-2017, 07:33 PM
Joined: Jul 2017
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Originally Posted by stubbieoz View Post
Please, please allow screen rotation.
If you mean allowing portrait and upside down portrait modes, I can turn that on for the next release. It's a simple toggle to enable this functionality. I'll be submitting a build with this feature as well as a small bug fix in the next couple days, hopefully next week you'll be able to play the game comfortably in a stand.

I totally understand about the charging cable ... mine has a kink in it because of it being at the bottom
08-02-2017, 07:52 PM
Joined: Dec 2010
Posts: 1,569
Dev! Thanks for the explanation!! Got it now. I am on my 3rd town.
U know I like the way u implement this. Flat land is scarce. Make users think of how and when to build certain buildings and when to demolish them.. There's a lot of thinking and managing that need to be done but at the same time makes u feel good doing that coz of the rewards u getting.
Also by not giving players the ability to terra form landscape makes the game even more challenging!