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Wacky Lords:Comic Style SRPG

08-04-2017, 04:49 AM
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Wacky Lords:Comic Style SRPG

Wacky lords is a comic style SRPG game. It has everythings that a traditional turn-based game has: Dungeons, equipments and Legions, but it does better and have something really attractive. In this game, you will create your own 7-member team to revenge for yourself. You will challenge gods from human world, demon world and heaven and finally claim your throne.

You are a demon, who was defeated in the battle of three realms.
Now you have been revived, find your path to become the strongest and beat all the gods.
But they will fight against you with…
Pork? Milk? And UFO?

【Hotchpotch, All comic characters together!】
You can use Riven from LOL, Sasuke from Naruto and Wukong from the Dragonball Evolution! We designed lots of characters from comic stories, the skills, lines and outfits are carefully made. Create your ideal team with your favourite characters.
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【Excellent animation and unexpected skill combo】
Skills are no longer presented as a simple light or number. You will see incredible combo in game and pleasant animation, thanks the art and dev team. See it in the pictures, every skill release just makes you…coooooool!
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【New type of dungeons】
Boss Dungeons...already exists in most games. But here you can enter dice dungeon to play by throwing dice, friends dungeon to challenge based on your friend’s stats. Each type of dungeon gives you fresh experience.
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【Cute and Funny】
A game is to relax, we have put comic elements into every corner of this game. You will find yourself laugh to tears when reading the lines, watching the battles or just a glance at these vivid characters. It’s more than just a finger move game.
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Download and join us! Start the amazing adventure with your favourite comic characters.
Apple Store:itunes.apple.com/us/app/wacky-lords/id1252200670?mt=8
Google Play:play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seagames.wlords.en

Like us on Facebook: fb.me/wackylordsen
Contact us: cs@seagames.cn
08-12-2017, 06:21 AM
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Wacky Lords 1st week Celebration!

🎊Wacky Lords 1st week Celebration!🎊
Dear Lords, for a week since Wacky Lords released, we are so grateful that many friends have send their likes and suggestions for Wacky Lords. Therefore, we want everyone to share your favorite scene with us. Personally, I like Zhao Yun for his amazing skill effect! (You can always preview skill effect in hero stat.) Here he comes!

➡️【Event period】
Server time: 8/11 6:00 – 8/13 6:00
➡️【How to participate】
-1️ POST ONE of your favorite screenshots in game.
️-2️ Leave your comment and ID/Server
➡️【Event rewards】
Everyone will get rich 💎GOLDS +💲COINS as rewards!


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