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App description: Open World Growing Tap game: Drifting Girl!
A fun tap-RPG-fishing game!
The adventures of a Drifting Girl in the world that has been submerged in water!
Cures insomnia in the beautiful sound of the sea


Game Introduction
The survival of a girl who drifts around in a world that was submerged in water!
A new open world game by DAERISOFT

Lets fish and explore in the world you have never seen before!

Game Features

First release of a college students development team, Team Tapas!
Please expect more contents to be updated!

Communication game where we communicate with users to make a fun game together!
- Its true! - I could not believe it at first either!

A new game that drifts you into tomorrow!
- Its true! - I started playing without thinking...-

A healing game that heals your mind with beautiful sound effects!
- Again, true! - It cured my 30 years of insomnia.-

A beautiful game where you can learn about amazing fish around the world!
- True, again! - Ive never seen fish like these before. LOL.

Fishing? RPG? A fun-filled tap-RPG-fishing game!
Infinite collection!
Heal your heart with soft colors, graphics and sounds!

Every review you leave encourages us to make a better game. Thank you!
08-13-2017, 01:13 PM
Joined: Jul 2012
Posts: 203
This is an original take on the incremental game genre. Kinda cool.
08-13-2017, 04:52 PM
Joined: Apr 2010
Location: California, USA
Posts: 4,946
Anybody play this yet?
08-13-2017, 05:00 PM
Joined: Sep 2014
Location: Greece
Posts: 1,805
love the concept, the art and the music. Plus there is nice humor for japanese food culture
Unfortunately i am a bit burned out for tapping by finishing Zombie Girl 2 so i am having a pause.

Would be nice if we could unlock the option to autotap without premium currency, so we could choose to relax, listen and watch.

if you like tappers and japanese food or fishing definitely give it a go!