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App description: Do you like zombie?
This is very easy and simple.
This is not a horror game.
This is cute zombie game.
Develop a vaccine to cure zombies!
Enjoy it lightly.

Anotherkellydown's comments:

08-17-2017, 03:47 AM
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Credit to Noen & SNAPPZILLA for helping me find this one. Here's a link to NOEN's entertaining (as always) review:

08-17-2017, 07:26 AM
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Fix your ads. They don't work or just crash the app.
08-17-2017, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by jillbean View Post
Fix your ads. They don't work or just crash the app.
I played for a good 45 minutes with no problems.

It's helpful to developers if they know specifics. What device, iOS, etc.
08-17-2017, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Anotherkellydown View Post
Credit to Noen & SNAPPZILLA for helping me find this one. Here's a link to NOEN's entertaining (as always) review:


This game needs a better AppStore description, if not for reading the linked review I would have passed right by.
The whole premise, trying to cure ones Zombie wife after an Apocalypse is too cute.
Totally giving this a go...
08-21-2017, 04:39 PM
Joined: Mar 2015
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Been playing for a couple days, and I agree, it's cute! Surprisingly engaging, and I keep being impressed with previously undiscovered areas with even larger things to "dismantle".

The gist of the game is this: smash things for parts to upgrade the machines that help you, ultimately, cure your wife, who's got a bad case of zombie.

The actual gameplay involved in doing this is pretty simplistic: anything that, as you walk by, shows a red health bar above it, you can smash and break, whereupon you receive random bits of trash to lug around in the wagon you're pulling behind you. When the wagon is full or you're over encumbered, you return to your (inexplicably) underground lair, add whatever junk can be used to upgrade one of your two upgradeable machines to said machines, then go topside to sell the remainder of the junk to a nearby junkyard. While you're out, you'll probably also want to grab some food and drink from a convenience store to feed to your wife.

The economy involves two regular currencies and one premium. Each of your two upgradable machines produces one of the regular currencies, either gold or pills, and gems are available for purchase, ad-viewing, or "opening" (read: smashing) the occasional randomly discovered safe.

Gold is used to buy "equipment" (which at this point seems to just be "gloves" for defence and "scissors" for attack), food (for your wife, as mentioned before --- you don't need to eat, although you can), and as part of the cost in researching new vaccines to test on your wife. Pills are used almost exclusively to research vaccines.

Gems, while used for a handful of convenience-based things, like teleportation, are -- irritatingly! -- also necessary for upgrading the size/capacity of your wagon. This is probably the biggest issue I have with the game. I managed to upgrade to the (exceedingly necessary) second wagon by watching loooooads of ads. I don't anticipate upgrading past that, but, to be fair, the difference in size and capacity between the first and second is huge, but between the second and the third, and subsequent ones, is not very big. So it's possible that this was a gameplay decision, and that the other wagons really are considered premium, extra content.

The overarching mission is to change your wife back to normal, which involves using your collected gold and pills to test out vaccines on her. Doing so will randomly transform her into one of maybe 60 or 80 zombie types. These type are just graphics and have to gameplay functionality besides acting sort of as "cards" that you collect and can check in your journal. Presumably, the game is won upon completing the collection, which would (again, I'm postulating) consequently lead to the final, correct vaccine.

Besides that, there are two smaller types of missions. The first is probably more accurately called achievements ("kill ten rats"), but they are hard coded into the game, and so they pay out gems as rewards. The second type is partially randomized trading system where you might come across a person who wants a certain piece of junk or a certain amount of a currency. If you have what they want and agree, they'll give you some other random amount in exchange. Sometimes these can be lucrative, often they're just meh.

In terms of setting and navigation, your character moves about in a 2D sidescrolling world, with frequent "perpendicular" areas accessed via things like doors and street signs. There is a day-and-night cycle, with less pleasant zombies coming at at night, but you only seem required to sleep at a point "deep into the night", right before morning. Once you're overencumbered (and walking painfully slowly), you can teleport back to your home for free from the Map screen.

The 8-bit art style is well done, and there are an enormous variety of objects and characters represented, so it's by no means boring visually. The character art might not be to some people's liking, but I think it's funny, reminiscent of a certain sort of goofy, over-emoting style of manga.

This definitely could use a more authorized, authoritative tutorial - the reason I bothered to write this is because I came back to this thread specifically looking for some mechanical clarification about something, and realized it was unlikely to ever emerge if too many people were turned off by the initial lack of direction.

As mentioned before, while very deep in terms of how much was actually developed, this game is simplistic, and yet I keep coming back to it. If the sheer amount of pixel art is anything to measure by, this dev deserves more attention.

One last thing: I must agree with the person who mentioned ads will freeze or crash about 50% of the time on an iPhone 7, running the most recent iOS as of mid-August.