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Next Business Tycoon 2

08-23-2017, 08:16 AM
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Next Business Tycoon 2

Always wanted to become a Business Tycoon and run your own company but didn't have the chance? this is the place for you! Next Business Tycoon is a super realistic tycoon game in which you manage your own company!

First choose a location on the global map then start developing your company - concessions, transportation, resources, research and development and many many more!

** New in Next Business Tycoon 2 **

- G20 - the group of 20 top industrials countries are now placed in world map.
- You can invest in startup companies based in different countries and later on place bids in countries contracts
- Business environment more competitive then ever, max allowed buy of business and transportation units is now set.
- Biggest banks in the world are now placed in the world map allowing loans at different rates.
- Main screen switched from company screen to world map where all countries sites and companies reside.

You can also have your own soccer team, army experiments company mining traveling and many more investment which can lead you to success

In Next Business Tycoon you dont only have to be a good business manager, you also have to be aware of the competition. In Next Business Tycoon you compete against other companies, form alliances attack other companies and many more!

As you move up the stairs on your way to become a business tycoon you will advance in levels and new interesting features will reveal like the stock market and alliances. Be sure to always put money on research and development or your company will be left behind!

08-23-2017, 08:43 AM
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coming soon?

love strategy games!
08-27-2017, 09:11 AM
Only on android for now

Originally Posted by curthayman View Post
coming soon?
Currently only available on android