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Hiring 2D artwork/animation

08-31-2017, 10:07 AM
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Hiring 2D artwork/animation


I am looking to hire a 2D artist to deliver some art work and png sequence animations for a casino slot game. The theme will be discussed and the items required are as follows (details could be discussed):

1) full background 3x4 ratio (iPad landscape layout)
2) top and bottom background for buttons that fits theme. This is an iPad width with about 10% of iPad height and a piece that can be tiled on both right and left for top and bottom.
3) images for "4 of a Kind", "5 of a Kind”, “BIG WIN”, “HUGE WIN”
4) 6 animated square slot symbols (anywhere from 18 - 30 frames)
5) 4 non-animated square slot symbols
6) 2 pop up modals that fit theme for "Bonus Game" and "X Free Spins"
7) detailed image of all 10 slot images and their payouts (3x4 ratio)
8) image of line combinations (3x4). this is relatively simple.
9) Bonus game art work (this will be discussed - dependant on theme chosen)

Will pay via Paypal and your choice of

1) all cash
2) some cash some revenue sharing.
3) all revenue sharing.

please email me @ sibastyle@gmail.com if interested and if you can provide a cost estimate, that would be great.

For your assurance, I am a real publisher with over 30 games published, some successful, many not . This is a real project that is in development and I have real money to pay you.

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