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App description: Explore the funniest and most amazing dungeon ever! Collect gold, slash your enemies, avoid deadly traps and power up with unique items your big-headed heroes!

Dungeon Park Heroes is a unique combination of puzzle and rpg game genres. Explore this incredible amusement park built for all the wannabe-heroes, where each underground level and room has been carefully crafted by Grandelf the Green, the most powerful wizard in the Frentanium's kingdom!
Avoid deadly hidden traps while opening your way out of each room, pick up treasures often guarded by dangerous monsters, free and unlock more heroes and classes to always have the right hero for the right job and, finally, visit the most well-stocked shop where you can gear them up with unique weapons, armors and magic items!
Are you a pen and paper rpg player? Well, you'll certainly feel at home then. :)
Watch out though, it's not gonna be an easy ride, danger is always behind the corner...

We know that nowadays it's becoming really expensive to be a hero, so we made this game totally FREE!

The game features:
- a unique gameplay never seen before
- 3 brave heroes and classes (3 new ones coming really soon!)
- 45 handcrafted levels
- dozens of traps, treasures, magic items, monsters. That fantasy stuff, you know? :)
- a fully stocked shop with over 30 items to unlock and purchase
- lovely and joyful soundtracks
- a parodic mood to always make you smile even when you could be terribly upset!

P.S.: We can't guarantee the safety of the heroes.

Boardumb's comments:

09-07-2017, 05:08 PM
Joined: Feb 2013
Posts: 794
Anyone else playing this?

I've cleared Floors 1 and 2, still need do to 3, as well as 3 star everything. I've unlocked two new characters but haven't played with either yet, preferring to focus my money on gear for my starting character. There seem to be 5 slots for unlockable heroes, I'm guessing one for each of the three floors, one for 3 starring everything, and one for ???.

My main complaint is that I think the dice rolling animation takes too long.

Also, there seem to be a lot of things on the home/town screen that look like they should be clickable but are not. Teasers for future content?

Finally, so far I have had no trouble watching ads for energy but if those run out it would probably kill the game. The way energy works in the game is you start with 100, descending a level takes 10, and various traps drain 10. When you die or run out of energy, you can restart on the level you left off at. (There are 15 levels per "floor".) I like the aspect of wanting to avoid traps to keep a run going as far as possible, but if there were an IAP for unlimited energy refills back in town I would probably go for that.

So far there seem to be zero IAPs. Which means that if you run out of ads to watch...it's possible to be stuck until a 6 hour timer runs down? Seems like strange design.

But if you like minesweeper, I strongly recommend this. A minesweeper grid helps you avoid traps and reveal treasures and bad guys. Traps spring when revealed, but items and enemies must be clicked on again to interact with them. Combat is die based based on your weapon, armor, and magic item. Eventually a bad guy will drop a key and you will find a door, and that lets you move on to the next level.

Is it like Dungelot? In some respects, but the minesweeper aspect is a huge improvement, it means you have a clue what you are about to reveal. Also, a tip, your character only moves orthogonally, so if you can't figure out which of two tiles is a trap, and only one tile is accessible, the accessible tile is safe.
09-07-2017, 05:58 PM
Joined: Oct 2013
Location: Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Posts: 916
Crap. I downloaded this hoping there was an energy unlock IAP. Oh well.

Easy come, easy go... not like it cost me anything
09-08-2017, 10:34 AM
OK game. Nothing massively special.

Positives: it's nice and chunky, feels solid and I like the way you can click on a previous square and your character walks there without bumping into a trap.
Negatives: well the main one is it's just not imaginative enough with it's minesweeper mechanic. Later levels rely on blind luck rather than you working out where the trap is. By the time you're souped up with weapons and armour there isn't that much challenge. The weapon vulnerabilities don't seem to matter either. Buy high weapon, cruise through.

Completed all three levels, 3 starred the first. Only got three characters. Little bug when you complete level 2 and get the achievement for completing level 1. Same when you do 3.

Oh well.