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App description: Déjà is a quiz with a twist: knowing the answers isn't enough can you remember the answer to the previous question? With tonnes of question packs and lots of fun game modes, Déjà is the best quiz experience on iOS, and tests your long-term and short-term memory, solo or with friends. It's been carefully crafted to hit just the right balance between determination and frustration!

You have to use your memory; instead of answering the question you see on screen, try to remember the previous question and answer it instead! (Don't worry, if you get stuck you can have a sneaky peek at the previous question by holding the Deja button, or use the hint button to get pieces of the answer). See how many questions you can get right in the time available, then try upping the difficulty with custom game modes and extra question packs!

stephenjdc's comments:
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Déjà is a quiz app with a twist - when you see a question, you have to answer the previous one! It has lots of question categories, as well as maths, emoji and spelling-based questions, as well as lots of extra question packs to buy, so it really puts your long- and short-term memory to the test! (But if you get stuck, you can always cheat and use the Deja Vu button to have a sneaky peek at the previous question...) It combines all of this with a clean, slick design and fun theme music. Grab it on the App Store today!

09-11-2017, 11:03 AM
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Party Mode Trailer

Déjà also has a party mode for playing with friends! You can set it up with any number of players, then pass it around and play until there's only one of you left! Here's a quick trailer of Party Mode in action: