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App description: Whoever holds the crown, holds the power... Be the last man, woman, or blob standing in this silly arcade fighter!

Collect the crown and jump on your enemies heads to defeat them. If an enemy already has the crown, jump on their head to knock it off and scramble to see who can collect the crown first!

Battle your way to the throne in Throwdown mode or hone your skills against 1-3 AI opponents in Arcade mode.

Earn gold by winning matches and use that gold to unlock new characters and levels.

Let's Throwdown!

Boardumb's comments:

09-15-2017, 07:06 AM
Sweet and simple arcade game

I really like this game! Love love love the art style. Im having a hard time learning to time the jump on enemies but im not frustrated because its just so cool. Just a neat idea for an arcade like game. Its very bare-bones though, im hoping that the developer will add more to it. Very glad that its free with the option to remove ads, because i only like premium games. I havent played it a whole lot yet, so there could be much more below the surface in terms of content. Going to play some more today!!

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09-15-2017, 03:13 PM
Played some more today, the game is quite fun but not very rewarding. Its also very difficult at least for me. Finally won my first round and only earned 5 gold. I dont like watching ads to earn gold either. This game has amazing potential, but i feel that there needs to be more added, more things than just characters to unlock and two additional stages. Maybe tweak the difficulty for beginners too. Also needs control customization with the option to resize or move the virtual buttons. But this game still oozes originality and potential. So give it a try people and share your feedback!