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What does it take to be masterful of one’s wit and humor? How about a game? [Help us

09-18-2017, 03:11 PM
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What does it take to be masterful of one’s wit and humor? How about a game? [Help us

Hey guys,
I’m a researcher from Purdue University and am working on a project that aims to push humor science to the next level.
We are in need of early testers for a game that we think helps fill in the blanks for what separates the ’great guy/girl’ from the ‘super smart and funny’.

How does it work?
The mobile-friendly browser game is designed to target and stir your associative subconscious while keeping it smooth in experience. We believe that once you experience it, the way you look at the world would be with a more and more mastered sense of humor.

What will it Involve?
There will be a few quick questions before and after you play the game program. That's all.
If you can spare a few minutes for 2-5 days we would love to have your feedback as you use it to your liking. The program will end in 5 days from a start date, which will be 23th Sept. The game needs more polishing and your role in it will be invaluable.

How do I sign up?
You can confirm your participation by signing up at the link below with an email address we can reach you at:

What if I am already pretty funny?
There are many dimensions to a sense of humor, Here you could explore it in a way very unique way and have fun with it.

To those who are reading this post and plan to ignore it. I would love to know your thoughts or reasons.